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Making PERF Guiding Principles for Police Training a Reality Through Technology


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Meeting PERF’s 40 Guiding Principles for recruit training is challenging for most, but technology can make a difference. Learn 10 ways a training management system (TMS) can help you address them.


Law enforcement leaders have a lot to consider when training their officers. The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) recently published 40 Guiding Principles for law enforcement leaders looking to meet best practices for recruit training.

Yet, with limited budgets and intensifying staffing shortages, law enforcement agencies and academies often struggle to meet compliance requirements for training, let alone achieve best practices that aren’t mandated.

So, how can leaders go above and beyond with limited resources? Purpose-built technology can help law enforcement agencies and academies close the gap.


This guide covers the following:

  • Why leaders find it challenging to meet the principles outlined by PERF
  • How technology can help overcome challenges in training recruits
  • 10 ways that a TMS can help you more easily meet PERF’s Guiding Principles
  • Which of the 40 Guiding Principles, in particular, are supported by a TMS

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