Safety Metrics Dashboard & Reporting

Customizable safety dashboards and reports on your entire EHS program.

Safety Dashboard Software

Our safety metrics dashboard makes it easy to summarize key performance indicators (KPIs) of safety to help you make informed business decisions.

Focus on leading and lagging indicators and safety metrics

Tracking safety metrics is important for determining the effectiveness of your safety program. By comparing metrics over a period of time or to industry standards, you can determine where your safety program is succeeding and where it needs improvements.

Our safety dashboard includes a wide variety of leading and lagging indicators in safety from incidents, claims, inspections, corrective actions, hazards, training, and behavior based safety.

EHS Dashboard 1
EHS Dashboard 2

Gain valuable insight into COVID-19 exposure with safety KPIs

Senior executives, managers, front-line employees, and safety professionals can create their own personalized dashboard views to track the safety metrics most relevant to them.

Dashboard panels can summarize  COVID-19 specific information that has been configured in any of our safety modules. Common configurations include a map of exposure incidents by location, sum of missed days due to illness, and percent compliance with virus mitigation techniques.

Filter your data by business group, team, or project to see how you are progressing in your safety key performance indicators (KPIs).

Create flexible and intuitive health and safety dashboards

Our best pre-built charts and indicators will save you valuable time and effort in monitoring safety performance metrics.

Safety metric examples included with the software are total recordable incident rates (TRIR), total OSHA recordable incidents, and much more.

You can also create your own custom charts and graphs to track the safety KPIs that are most important to you. Get a better idea of the best safety dashboard reports with our free Safety KPI Dashboard Guide.

EHS Dashboard 3 (Rebrand)
EHS Dashboard 4

Drill down to view more detailed safety dashboard reporting

Review safety KPI metrics at glance, or dig deeper into specifics for a comprehensive analysis.

In conjunction with our other EHS modules — including incidents, training, observations and inspections — our robust health and safety dashboard arms safety coordinators with sophisticated tools for managing safety.

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"A cornerstone of our world-class safety program is our attention to even minor incidents and our investigation of all potential safety issues. The data we pull from [Vector EHS's] dashboards and reports is an invaluable part of this process, and helps us make adjustments to how we work to continuously improve safety."

Bill S.

HS&E Manager, Rockline Industries

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"The [Vector EHS Management] online database provides real-time leading indicator metrics for quality and safety to our management team."

Nick W.

SBA Communications

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