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How to Simplify PPE Management with Cradle-to-Grave Tracking


Improve Firefighter Safety and Help Your Department Meet NFPA Standards with Vector Check It


PPE that is old, defective, or improperly cared for can increase the risk of short- and long-term health issues for firefighters and impact career longevity.

Watch this webinar recording where we showcase how Vector Check It and its mobile app can assist your department in simplifying PPE management with its enhanced PPE tracking program. This powerful feature can help ensure every piece of PPE is inspected, cleaned, repaired, and maintained properly, from acquisition to decommission, and meets NFPA standards.

During this presentation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure PPE inspections are performed utilizing custom checklists and escalation policies
  • Access real-time views of inventory status, quantities, and locations
  • Create work orders for repairs, track out-of-service equipment, and notify personnel
  • Set up built-in verification features to ensure accountability
  • Utilize dashboards to view when inspections are completed and by who




    Matt Shronts, Solutions Engineer

   Robbi King, Solutions Engineer Manager

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