Controlled Substances & Drug Inventory Tracking Software

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Manage cradle-to-grave tracking of controlled substances and comply with DEA guidelines using Vector Check It.

Benefits of Using Vector Check It for Controlled Substance Tracking

Managing controlled substances is simple and secure with the Vector Solutions Check It™ system for EMS agencies. Using the software and mobile application, you can track drugs and narcotics as they move from storage to assigned units to when they are administered to patients.

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Maintain Compliance

The DEA Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act (PPAEMA) outlines standards for administering, storing, and restocking controlled substances by EMS agencies. Check It help your agency comply and accurately track all your medications, in particular your Schedule II controlled substances.

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Easier Tracking

Get a snapshot overview of all your medications across all your stations at any point in time, including quantities, locations, and expiration dates. Use the mobile app to easily record counts, usage, transfers, and custody changes. Track individual medications with barcode scanning, if needed. Streamline reordering by knowing exactly what's needed, in what locations, with tracking of vendors, costs, and DEA forms.

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Improved Accountability

Check It provides better insight into every phase of your controlled substances. Automate alerts for usages, transfers, and possible diversions. Enable security options, including biometric user authorization, personal identification numbers, and double e-signature. With a centralized data log for "cradle-to-grave" tracking, you can rest assured all narcotics are appropriately accounted for and managed.

Drug Inventory Management Software & App Overview

Oversee Controlled Substances

With the controlled substances tracking solution in Vector Check It, fire and EMS agencies can easily manage drugs with secure, detailed checklists. Monitor information such as drug lot numbers and volume, storage locations, expiration dates and usage.


Enforce Routine Inspections

Escalation policies help ensure routine inspections of drugs are performed regularly. Administrators can customize how frequently inspections must be completed and will be notified when personnel fail to do a check or of any discrepancies – preventing things from falling through the cracks.

Improve Security at Every Stage

Added security features in Vector Check It prevent the misuse of controlled substances. Built-in user authentication tools include eSignatures, custom user pin numbers and a face scanner that verifies the identity of the employee using the camera on the mobile device.


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