Guardian Tracking for Law Enforcement

Performance Management and Early Intervention Solution

Guardian Tracking is a performance and conduct management tool for LEO leaders. This early warning and recognition software helps transform agency culture by identifying personnel in need of additional training before an adverse incident takes place. It also encourages high performance by recognizing individuals who go above and beyond.




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Attract and Retain Talent

Whether it's a use-of-force incident or an above-and-beyond community engagement, use Guardian Tracking software to build a workplace culture that encourages transparent communication and proactively addresses conduct issues, both positive and negative. Fair and transparent feedback promotes a positive and motivating workplace culture and encourages high performance.

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Early Intervention Saves Careers

Guardian Tracking is a customizable tool that sends officer conduct notifications to the employee's chain of command when preset thresholds are triggered. Coaching, disciplinary procedures, direct conversations, or even an awards assembly can be readied. Timely tracking and notifications help agencies retain high performers, save careers, and establish an inspired workplace culture.

Ignite Their Performance.
Ensure Behaviors Follow Policies.

Behavior Management Software for Mental, Emotional, and Physical Wellness for Law Enforcement


    • Get a full picture of employee performance-the positive as well as the negative-through continuous feedback. 
    • Protect personnel decisions through consistent documentation of all aspects of performance
    • Early identification flags can notify managers of behavior that may need to be addressed to save careers
    • Creates a simple process for documentation of an observation, event, conversation, incidents of good or bad performance, rewards and recognition, evaluations or any other work-related happenings
    • Promotes a positive and motivating workplace culture and encourages high performance
    • Standardizes the recognition process for both high (and low) performing employees; helps identify good prospects for promotions and leadership opportunities
    • Encourages peer-to-peer recognition
    • Monitors goals and performance improvement plans as well as improves grievance and disciplinary procedures
    • Complete and objective data for performance evaluations and internal investigations
    • Promotes coaching and improved performance
    • Defend personnel decisions and mitigate liability
    • Accreditation compliance for a variety of standards for various associations



What Our Customers Say

Dothan AL Police Department Badge

"Guardian Tracking is so user friendly that employees do not fear or dread having to make entries."

Dothan Police Department (AL)

Dothan AL Police Department Badge
Dothan AL Police Department Badge

"The transparency from the lowest ranks to the highest is readily available and trends in behavior and conduct can be seen or at least indicated in time for correction or addressing before it becomes a large problem."

Dothan Police Department (AL)

Dothan AL Police Department Badge
Dothan AL Police Department Badge

"By placing notifications in the proper place, certain issues can be addressed before they actually become a problem which is now being appreciated by all of the employees. After more than two years of use, practically everyone appreciates the value of such a system."

Dothan Police Department (AL)

Dothan AL Police Department Badge

Guardian Tracking Interview

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Early Intervention Saves Careers

Read this brief Guardian Tracking Early Intervention system overview to learn how your agency can start proactively identifying patterns of behavior and equip front line supervisor with better insights to save careers. 

Law Enforcement Training Courses

Deliver and track vital police training, including de-escalation, implicit bias, and much more. Vector Solutions features dynamic Calibre Press series, OSHA, harassment, driver training, and more.