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April 25, 2023 3 min read

Kannapolis Fire Maximizes Its Fire Department Training Hours and Achieves an ISO 1 Rating with Vector Solutions


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ISOVector LMS and Training Management

Kannapolis Fire Department has leveraged Vector Solutions to optimize its training program. Check out this testimonial video to hear Asst. Chief Greg Summit explain how the agency is maximizing the platform to achieve its training management goals.

Video Transcript:

“My name is Greg Summit, Kannapolis Fire Department, assistant chief of administration.

“In 2019, we were awarded Class 1 rating through ISO and through our state fire marshal’s office. Take care of our citizens, that our first and foremost priority and training was a huge component of that. We scored our full maximum points in our training area with the use of Vector Solutions.

“I hope it communicates that we’re prepared and we’re well staffed and we do have this equipment and we are prepared to respond to your emergency. And that was the help with Vector Solutions.

“Now we can really take advantage of when a truck goes out of service for training and maximize those efforts and put all those hours toward hands-on training.

“(The Vector Solutions platform) is so user-defined and so custom and I’ve passed that on to other local departments as well that are users. Using Vector, to maximize our points, to capture all those little intricate trainings and stuff that we do from reviewing policies to making sure everything that we do counts. And then in turn, we can count that toward our rating.

“Back when we first signed on and I was still a firefighter when I took over as an administrator for Vector for our account, and so really we can set up our training program to not necessarily run itself, but it’s automated. And so that’s the help with Vector and our partnership with them. It really streamlines our process and our training program.

“When I became account manager I contacted Vector and they put me in contact with one of their so-called experts. He was one of their trainers, and so he really helped me out along the way on how to maximize and make the platform more efficient.

“So my favorite piece of Vector is the tracking component. Whether we’re doing an ISO tracker, whether we’re doing a credential tracker for our task books, we can digitize all those, so that’s the key for us.

“It pays off every single day, just of our guys doing a great job, doing 110 percent. We run 10,000 call a year, so they stay really, really busy with seven companies in service … it’s truly a brotherhood here. They keep you on your toes.

“With Vector and our partnership with them, it really streamlines our process and our training program. Our relationship is great with them, and they make our life a lot easier.”

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