Vector team members make the difference

Our diverse team is the backbone of Vector Solutions


Here's a snapshot of our talent:


Women make up nearly half of the team at Vector Solutions.


While the average employee age at Vector is 39 years, our multigenerational office allows for dynamic collaboration as everyone brings their unique experiences and skills to the table.


It’s exciting to see our team grow as we continue to expand our capabilities. With our talented team evolving by the day, our future is filled with endless possibilities.

We are committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion. Our employees span different generations, come from different backgrounds, and bring different experiences to our team.

Vector Solutions stands for equality, fairness, inclusion, and justice. There is no place for racism and intolerance of any kind, against any person, inside our offices and outside in our communities. While we know there are differences among us, Vector is dedicated to bringing people together through education.

In addition to the creation of our Inclusion and Diversity Program, which aims to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace through communication, leadership, education, and connection, Vector has also launched complimentary workplace inclusion and diversity training through our Vector Cares Program.

Additionally, Vector is proud to partner with and support several organizations dedicated to supporting technology and leadership opportunities for women and minorities, including, the Tampa Bay Tech Council, and the National Diversity Council's Young Women's Leadership Symposium.