Coronavirus Resource Center

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Complimentary COVID-19
Video Courses

Course 101:

What You Need
To Know

This 9-minute course informs you how coronavirus spreads, how to recognize its symptoms;  prevent and treat the virus; and, determine what to do if you become sick.

Course 102:

Preparing Your Household

Get guidance in this 7-minute course from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help you get your household ready before, during and after an outbreak occurs in your community.

Course 103:

Managing Stress & Anxiety

This 9-minute course will help you define stress and anxiety; identify common signs and symptoms; and, identify how to reduce stress for yourself and others during this difficult time.

Course 104:

Transitioning to a Remote Workforce

In this 7-minute course, you’ll learn best practices for leadership when transitioning to a remote workforce; best practices for working remotely; and, identify pitfalls to avoid during the transition.

Course 105:

Disenfecting Common Spaces

In this 8-minute course, get practical guidance from the CDC for cleaning and disinfecting rooms or areas where those with confirmed COVID-19 have visited.

Course 106:

CDC guidelines for using cloth face masks

This nearly 8-minute course will help you learn the steps for creating a sewn cloth face covering; learn the steps for creating a non-sewn cloth face covering; and, identify best practices for wearing a face covering.

Course 107:

Reopening Your Organization

This 6-minute video will assist employers in making reopening decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to protect vulnerable workers and others that your employees may come into contact with.

Course 108:

The Basics
of Vaccines

This 8-minute video provides information about the science of vaccines, including the COVID-19 messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines that help protect against the coronavirus.

Course 109:

What You Should Know About Variants

This 4-minute course provides information about the characteristics of COVID-19 variants prevalent in the world today, including the Delta variant.


Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Home?

Surface sanitizing against COVID-19 outbreak. Home cleaning spraying antibacterial spray bottle disinfecting against coronavirus wearing nitrile gloves. Sanitize hospital surfaces prevention.

As the pandemic continues to impact our lives, have you taken all the necessary steps to protect your family in your home? Creating a household plan is key to continuing to stay safe, even after we return to a “new normal”. Use our checklist to guide you as you protect your home and family.


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