Augmented Reality. 360 Video. Microlearning. Technology is changing the way we train and the way we search for knowledge. Our goal is to always be testing new, innovative solutions that bring the knowledge right to our clients in the moment of need, closing the learning loop, improving safety, and creating cultures of learn, do, perform. It’s instant intelligence that gives our clients an advantage.


Access content on the job, make critical decisions, improve performance and increase safety with mobile-ready applications

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Content Modernization

On-demand resources feature microlearning, shareability, user augmentation, scenario-based lessons, and virtual reality

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Utilize data from internal and external solutions to create actionable training plans to improve decision-making and automate action

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Performance Optimization

Embed tools in your work process for access to information at the exact moment of need to improve performance

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Launched! Whether on the job site or plant floor, use the RedVector GO app to access bite-sized training clips at the point of need. This mobile reference tool can provide instant access to information related to safety procedures, equipment operation or maintenance, codes, standards and much more.

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In Production! We’re going to be the first to develop a virtual reality course that will teach firefighters how to read smoke coming out of a building to determine how to attack the blaze. A Gear 360 camera was used to shoot the content to allow for an immersive experience. The final product will include a modernized course with which a user can interact with on their computer or using a VR headset.

In Beta! The Vector Solutions Analytics Platform helps our partners and clients measure training system performance across a large client base and use this intelligence to benchmark themselves and make critical performance-enhancing decisions.

In Concept! Using our iConnect Training Recommendation Engine, organizations that want to improve training to go beyond meeting minimum standards for compliance can leverage event-based data to identify incident or performance patterns and respond with prescriptive training to mitigate potential risks and optimize performance.

Just Launched! This is the Vector Solutions Augmented Reality (AR) App. This application walks the technician through the bleed valve block and plug procedure, a process required before performing maintenance on the equipment. Each item in the process comes up one at a time, and you must confirm that you have completed that part of the step. The application also provides a safety check so technicians must confirm they are wearing the correct PPE before they begin the process.

The Future Is Coming. Find Out What's Next at Vector Solutions.

The mission at Vector Solutions is to change the world through revolutionary technology that saves lives, inspires professionals and elevates performance. If you’re interested in learning what’s next at Vector Solutions, contact us today and a representative will be in touch.

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