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Active Shooter in the Workplace:

Knowing how to react in an active shooter situation can increase your chances of survival. This Vector Cares video will describe active shooter and active threat profiles, identify ways to prepare for targeted violence situations, describe options for dealing with an active shooter or threat, and provide recommendations for interactive with first responders during targeted violence situations.

Active Shooter at School:

FBI statistics show that schools are the second most common location of an active shooter incident. This Vector Cares video intends to prepare school personnel for active shooter situations by providing information on how they occur and how they may be more effectively prevented. Users will review facts and history, prevention strategies, preparedness, and what to do if an active shooter incident happens on campus.

PTSD in the Fire Industry:

PTSD is a largely overlooked issue within the fire service, but its impact can be understated. This Vector Cares offering features a video narrative of a first responder experiencing PTSD after losing a young patient and utilizes in-depth lessons and engaging interactions to educate learners on skills for coping with PTSD symptoms, signs of symptoms in peers who may be struggling emotionally, and ways to get help.


The convenience of web access makes it easy to forget that we need to protect and care for our information. This Vector Cares video provides an overview of cybercrime and cybersecurity, along with the effects of cybercrime, the types of cyber threats, and how users are susceptible.

Youth Suicide Awareness:

Recent reports show that as many as 17 percent of high school students have thought seriously about attempting suicide. This Vector Cares video covers common risk factors related to youth suicide, successful strategies for youth suicide prevention, and the immediate steps a school staff member should take if they encounter a student who is threatening suicide, as well as best practices for intervention after a suicide.

Construction Safety Essentials:

As you may or may not know, the top four causes of construction fatalities are Falls, Struck-By, Caught-in/between, and Electrocutions. This Vector Cares video will cover various safety topics and explain how the lack of adherence to these standards are risk factors to the top four construction hazards.

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