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How Much is Alcohol Misuse Costing Your Institution?

Students who engage in high-risk drinking miss more classes, study less, and are more likely to drop out.

Vector Solutions' Campus Prevention Network developed this tool to quantify the potential revenue impact of first to second-year alcohol-related attrition. To develop this calculator, Vector Solutions' researchers reviewed research literature on alcohol and retention, talked to nationally regarded survey researchers, and gathered information from conversations with industry experts.

Campus administrators can use this tool to demonstrate the value of prevention programming as a tool to prevent high-risk drinking and contribute to student retention and success efforts.

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You can find your retention rates here. Use decimals for percentages. For example, 85% would be .85
How much revenue a college receives from each student. You can find net tuition on the College Navigator website.

Education is Key to Prevention

Refocus your approach to these critical issues with our research-backed education framework that not only ensures compliance, but also drives positive student and institutional outcomes.