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Getting Back to Business with the Total Solution for Casinos

Our Solutions

Casino-Specific Training Content

Deliver engaging, online content within Vector LMS for Casinos or as a plug-and-play offering with existing LMS systems; our gaming-specific course catalog contains nearly 150 online training courses from AML Compliance, customer service, sexual harassment awareness and prevention, responsible gaming awareness, to safety, cybersecurity, HR and and leadership courses, all hosted in our powerful Learning Management System, Vector LMS for Casinos.

Vector Learning Management System (LMS) for Casinos

Deliver dynamic AML compliance and other critical training courses, test personnel's knowledge, track proficiencies, and report results.

Vector EHS

Stay ahead of incidents and keep personnel safe with a powerful suite of tools for managing exposure tracking, employee health checks, slips-trips-and-falls, and much more.

Vector LiveSafe

Proactively prepare for the unexpected with an emergency mass notification system to help prepare for and respond to crisis situations, weather emergencies, suspicious behavior, and other unpredictable events.

Vector Check It

Streamline new sanitation checks and review property-wide overview of the sanitation status throughout the day with dynamic mobile app.

Vector Scheduling

Manage your workforce with an intuitive application for employee scheduling, on-call management, recalls, shift trading, reporting, and analytics.