20 Benefits of Using A Workforce Management Software

20 Benefits of Using A Workforce Management Software

A new year is upon us and with it comes the menacing reality of New Year’s resolutions.

And if yours includes considering implementing a workforce management system, we’ve got you covered.

Organizations of every size stand to benefit from an all-in-one way to manage scheduling, compliance, maintenance, payroll, performance reviews, projects, career development, and more. The right human capital management technology can fill openings quickly without the need for human interaction, manage complex 24/7 shift scheduling, share roster information, coordinate overtime hiring, and alert employees to emergency callbacks – all from one convenient platform.

So enough hemming-and-hawing. Here are 20 benefits of using workforce management software to help your organization focus on what’s most important – its people and productivity – all while reducing costs. Seriously.

2020 is so your year!

Workforce Management Software Benefits

1. Integrative

Gone are the days of worrying about data exchange and real-time process integration! With workforce integration software, you can be sure everyone is working with – and has access to – the same information.

2. Credentialed

For many industries, it’s mission-critical that all employees have the proper credentials for the work they do. With workforce management software, you can ensure that all employees have the necessary credentials.

3. Centralized

For organization-wide, single-point solutions, look no further than workforce management software which collects all data and analyzes everything and every angle to identify areas of improvement.

4. Communicative

When you know when employees are available, you can more easily create an accommodating schedule. Workforce management software helps you stay in touch with your employees to inquire about their availability.

5. Adaptive

Ready to grow? No worries. Workforce management software adapts and grows with you! It can also help you access and reference past data so you can see where you’ve been – and help you get to where you’re going.

6. Templative

In a workforce management system, you can create shift templates that employees can easily access online or in an application-based system. And the templates you create can be modified as needed, whenever necessary.

7. Affordable

If you can look beyond the sticker price, you’ll soon realize that it saves far more than it costs, with fewer licensing fees and reduced IT costs, resulting in increased revenue from both its direct and indirect cost savings.

8. Accommodating

Your employees can swap shifts easily as it’s a given that life will present unexpected circumstances and emergencies that prevent them from working.

9. Insightful

Workforce management software can incorporate AI so its predictive analytics can forecast staffing requirements, such as scheduling, compensation, performance against budget, and more.

10. Proactive

Create schedules well in advance of shifts makes allows margin for unexpected events or circumstances, and makes it easier for employees to plan ahead.

11. Compliant

Since workforce management software is a cloud-based technology, it can provide complete and accurate I-9s, W-4s, and compliance documents to name a few – including reminders for those set to expire.

12. Customer-Focused

Workforce management software allows you to combine customer service performance as part of the performance reviews for your workforce, making it simple to measure – and review – your customer service.

13. Secure

With multi-factor authentication and data encryption, workforce management systems boast countless security measures to keep employee information safe and secure – and out of the wrong hands.

14. Analytical

Workforce management software provides real-time data, compares actual performance against budget, and measures business performance, providing the information needed to analyze your business effectively.

15. Mobile

Seventy-one percent of employees spend more than two hours a week accessing company information on a mobile device. Now, companies can now meet employees where they are – at their fingertips.

16. Safe

These systems can maintain records required by national and state government bodies, complete with statistical proof that you are compliant with your legal responsibilities – without the risk of human error.

17. Social

Much like mobility, workforce management software also boats a social element as it can support collaboration and idea-sharing capabilities for planning team projects and activities – together.

18. Employee-Focused

A happy employee is a retained employee and with workforce management software, employees can not only manage their schedules, but they can be sure that their pay and benefits are timely and accurate – every time.

19. Financial

Payroll doesn’t contribute to your company’s profitability but takes time – a lot of time. But a workforce management software can eliminate all of these costs – and costly mistakes – for maximum efficiency.

20. Engaging

Employee management systems increase employee engagement – and retention – as performance management tools provide a way for them to track and evaluate their career development and plan accordingly.

Unifying your workforce with one workforce management solution will help you cut labor costs, streamline compliance, eliminate discrete and inaccessible data silos, and empower everyone to make better real-time decisions to support your organization’s goals.

Like we said, 2020 is your year so consider a workforce management software to analyze the data of today to reach your goals tomorrow.


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