New Calibre Press Courses Address Law Enforcement Stress, Leadership and Interviewing


New Calibre Press courses in TargetSolutions’ platform address law enforcement stress, leadership and interviewing with video-based lessons.

TargetSolutions joined forces with Calibre Press, a leading provider of law enforcement training content. Through this, law enforcement agencies can deliver engaging online courses through the industry’s most reliable learning management system (LMS). Adding 25 new courses to TargetSolutions’ comprehensive law enforcement catalog, the Calibre Press series uses the expertise of subject matter experts to provide crucial lessons for the industry. This round of releases includes 7 all-new courses.

All courses in this series are video-based and are guided by an on-screen instructor. Case studies and custom footage from body cameras assert key points and present examples from the field.

Online Calibre Press Course Descriptions

New Calibre Press courses focus on hot-topic lessons for law enforcement with practical information from real-world examples. Here are descriptions of engaging courses now available in TargetSolutions’ law enforcement training catalog:

The Fatal Four provides an overview of the four major areas that put officers at risk of injury or death and how to minimize exposure to those fatal dangers.

The Fundamentals of Stress 101 discusses what stress looks like in others, fight or flight response and examples of how to practice for the stress and even use it to your advantage.

The Fundamentals of Stress 201 covers stress related to events (pre and post-events), utilizes case study videos to illustrate high-stress incidents and provides tips on how to reduce causes of stress.

Kinesic Interviewing: Reading the Suspect & Detecting Deception highlights methods to reading people you’re interviewing, the ‘secret’ rules to communication and how you engage with the interviewee.

Leadership: Personal Agenda or Mission Success (LAW) addresses the fundamentals of leadership, leadership skills and the impact of attitude on personal success and leadership.

Motivation and Bureaucratic Roadblocks (LAW) explains the importance of creating a motivating culture/environment, basic drives of the workforce and bureaucratic obstacles.

Shoot/Don’t Shoot: The Jesse Kidder Incident breaks down the stress and decision-making behind 3 different incidents using body camera footage and real-life applications.

All Released Courses by Calibre Press

Here is a list of the 25 courses created in conjunction with Calibre Press now accessible in TargetSolutions’ law enforcement training catalog:

  • The Essential Component of De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution
  • Truths of Human Interaction
  • Interaction Principles for De-Escalation Success
  • Body Language: Reading People 101
  • Body Language: Reading People 201
  • Body Language: Analysis of Dangerous Behavior
  • Body Language: Analysis of Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Roadway Dangers
  • Distracted Driving
  • Approach: People
  • Approach: Vehicle
  • Approach: Buildings
  • The Graham Standard
  • Guardians on the Grounds: Police-Fire relations and Securing Facilities
  • Emotional Survival in Law Enforcement
  • Women in Leadership
  • Guardians and Warriors: Seeking Balance
  • Implicit Bias: Facts & Myths
  • Leadership: Personal Agenda or Mission Success
  • Kinesics Interviewing: Reading the Suspect & Detecting Deception
  • Motivation and Bureaucratic Roadblocks
  • The Fundamentals of Stress 101
  • The Fundamentals of Stress 201
  • Shoot/Don’t Shoot: The Jesse Kidder Incident
  • The Fatal Four

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