Empowering School Administrators with Vector Training During Back-To-School

Empowering School Administrators with Vector Training During Back-To-School

We know that back-to-school can be a challenging time for school administrators. Staff shortages, student mental health concerns, and an increased focus on school safety all contribute to the already hectic nature of this time of year. Planning your yearly staff training is just one more thing to worry about during an already busy time.  

With Vector Training, administrators can find peace of mind. Our tailored online training and software solutions are specifically designed for schools, offering user-friendly interfaces and a proven track record of helping busy administrators: 

  • Save time and money 
  • Increase compliance 
  • Streamline administrative processes 
  • Create safer, more inclusive, and more effective places to work and learn 

  Vector Training offers convenient access to a wide range of high-quality compliance, prevention, and inclusive instruction training courses authored by leading experts. Our user-friendly online system includes assignment notifications and email reminders to help learners stay on track, and completions are automatically tracked for effortless progress monitoring. 

Top Completed Training Courses in Vector Training

Millions of K-12 educators and staff complete training and professional development courses through Vector Training each year. Our courses help them: 

  • Prevent or respond to safety incidents and emergencies 
  • Reduce injuries and respond to health emergencies 
  • Recognize and prevent bullying, sexual harassment, and child abuse 
  • Increase understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Improve their ability to meet the needs of students with exceptionalities 
  • And so much more! 


In the 2022-23 school year, the top completed courses in Vector Training included: 

  1. Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention 
  2. Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting 
  3. Sexual Harassment: Staff-to-Staff 
  4. Youth Suicide: Awareness, Prevention and Postvention 
  5. Bullying: Recognition and Response 
  6. FERPA: Confidentiality of Records 
  7. Sexual Misconduct: Staff-to-Student 
  8. Email and Messaging Safety 
  9. Students Experiencing Homelessness: Awareness and Understanding 
  10. Cybersecurity Overview 
  11. Discrimination Awareness in the Workplace 
  12. Title IX Compliance Overview 
  13. Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse and Neglect 
  14. Hazard Communication: Right to Understand (GHS) 
  15. Health Emergencies: Life-Threatening Allergies 

Simplify Your Back-to-School Training with Vector Training

  • Customize Training by Role - Set up training plans by individual, position, or location. 
  • New Hire Training Plan - The system automatically makes assignments when new hires are added. 
  • Customize Courses - Add district-specific information and resources to any Vector Training course. 
  • Custom Course Tool - Create your own courses in our system and track completions. 
  • Policy Administration - Upload your district-specific policies and assign them to staff. The system automatically documents users' review and acceptance. 
  • Manage Compliance in Real Time - Completions are tracked automatically and compliance reports are delivered to your inbox. 


Download our course catalog to see our complete list of courses for K-12 teachers, paraeducators, and other school staff. 

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