Enhancing FTO Training With Digital Documentation

Enhancing FTO Training With Digital Documentation

Solutions Engineers Robbi King and Johnny Roberson shared their expertise on building a strong, compliant, and streamlined FTO program with the help of Vector Solutions' mobile application in a recent webinar. Integrated with the Vector LMS Training Platform, your department can digitally manage its FTO program by recording and documenting in-field officer training and DORs right in the app.

Keep reading for highlights from this informative discussion, and watch the full recording for details on boosting your agency's training program.

With Robbi's 27 years and Johnny's 25 years in public safety, these gentlemen know how tedious but important a task like documenting field training evaluations can be and shared how Vector Solutions can help.

A Good Training Program Starts With A Good Plan

"When we talk about FTO, we're not talking about just DORs," Johnny starts. Officers need to know what is a part of their training plan, what's coming up, and what goals the department has set up for them. It's just as important for training officers to have a detailed training plan. With Vector's training platform, departments can easily manage training plans by utilizing the Credentials functionality to bundle related training courses, activities, and materials.

What Makes Up A Training Plan?

Administrators can manage credentials, which can include anything your department wants to track—training, policies, memos, etc.

Johnny shared best practices for creating custom Credentials that fit your department's unique needs:

  • Create multiple Credentials for similar topics with different training requirements, such as different phases of your FTO Program, to ensure the right people are getting the right training.
  • Set up automatic alerts to notify supervisors and officers of upcoming expirations and due dates to help save supervisors time and hold officers accountable.
  • Add training courses (Vector courses for law enforcement or custom courses), briefs, supportive policies, and other materials and requirements to empower officers with self-paced pre-learning and have more time for hands-on training.
  • Include tests and eSignature confirmations for policy reviews to ensure officers have read, understand, and acknowledge policies, documents, or other department communications.
  • Empower FTOs to preload specific trainings within a Credential for their trainees, setting up due dates and alerts to keep everyone on track.

Digitally Capture Scenario-based Training

Hands-on training assessments are easy with Vector's FTO application, Evaluations+. Confidently complete EVOC, weapons qualifications, or other live skill evaluations for veterans and trainees on any web-enabled device.

Johnny demonstrated completing an EVOC form, walking through the questions, Pass/Fail score, and required eSignatures. Logged keystrokes prevent tampering with the digital record. And with video and photo capturing, you can record live skill assessments using a tablet or mobile device and store the recording with the evaluation for future reference. Completed evaluations get automatically added to the linked credential in the training platform for an end-to-end training program.

Good Data Makes Reliable Reports

Robbi reviews the training platform's dynamic reporting capabilities, including individual Credential reporting, showing in-progress training status and detailed completions data, with applicable attachments. Administrators can run advanced reporting from within Manage Credentials, getting valuable and informative details on all or specific members at a glance.

Good data and comprehensive reporting enables you to manage your training program better and illustrate to others how effective your training program is.

Get A 360-degree View Of Your FTO Program

Document every minute of training at your department, online or in person, with the Vector LMS Training Platform and integrated FTO management app, Evaluations+. Watch the entire webinar for more insights and best practices from our subject matter experts.

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