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Whether you are a novice or have a great deal of experience, industrial maintenance technician training can help you in any stage of your career.

Convergence Training can provide you with a variety of eLearning videos on industrial maintenance topics so you can become a more productive, valuable worker. These videos can be used both to understand topics and demonstrate tasks to make sure you are performing your job correctly.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a few, explain their value and use, and show you some samples as well.

Industrial Maintenance Technician Job Description

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Glassdoor says average salary of $41,000/year:,33.htm


As an industrial maintenance technician, repair and maintain commercial or industrial machinery in buildings, in a plant or factory setting, to ensure the machines’ proper functionality. In the Industrial Maintenance Technician program, gain hands-on, practical experience in welding, hydraulics, electricity, mechanical fundamentals and machine alignment. Build skills in electronics, computerized equipment maintenance and preventative/predictive maintenance. Learn and apply predictive and preventative maintenance methods; the basics of analysis, vibration analysis and thermal analysis applications; basic rigging and forklift operation; and use and apply a computerized maintenance management system.

Industrial Safety

OSHA, Lock out/Tag out, Personal Protective Equipment, Hazardous Communication, Electrical Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Machine Guarding, Fall Protection and Permit-Required Confined Space

Machine Tool Alignment

Maintenance Fundamentals

Discuss topics such as the installation of motors and the fundamentals of mechanical power transmission systems such as shaft alignment, belt drives, and chain drives. Apply learned skills and basic tool usage to actual applications

IMT Computer Applications

Industrial Electricity

The student will be introduced to topics such as the atomic nature of electricity, stressing electrical units, basic definitions and symbols, series and parallel circuits, magnetism, inductance, capacitance, generators, and basic alternating current circuits

Industrial Blueprint Reading

Learn universally applicable techniques for interpreting all mechanical and industrial drawings through the study of drawing standards, abbreviations, basic rules for dimensioning, and various types of sectional views. Become familiar with geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

College Math

Review and develop fundamental concepts of mathematics pertinent to the areas of arithmetic and algebra; geometry and trigonometry; and probability and statistics. Special emphasis is placed on problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning, making connections and using calculators. Topics include performing arithmetic operations and simplifying algebraic expressions, solving linear equations and inequalities in one variable, solving proportions and incorporating percent applications, manipulating formulas, solving and graphing systems of linear equations and inequalities in two variables, finding areas and volumes of geometric figures, applying similar and congruent triangles, converting measurements within and between U.S. and metric systems, applying Pythagorean Theorem, solving right and oblique triangles, calculating probabilities, organizing data and interpreting charts, calculating central and spread measures, and summarizing and analyzing data.

Machine Tool Assessment

Learn about and use alignment tools and techniques through discussion and lab. This course builds on skills developed in Machine Tool Alignment and Operation. Machine wear assessment is stressed using industry standards.

Mechanical Power Tranmission

Expand your knowledge of mechanical power transmission systems by working with a variety of shaft coupling devices commonly seen in industry including the precision alignment of shafts using dial indicators. Explore the operation of laser shaft alignment systems and apply the knowledge to simulated applications. Gain familiarity with the different types of gears seen in industry and obtain hands on experience working with speed reducers, brakes and clutches.

Electric Power Controls & Motors

Study power distribution circuits including transmission substation (high voltage), distribution substation (medium voltage), and in-plant distribution. Explore the construction and operation of DC motors and single-phase and three-phase AC motors. Become familiar with elementary industrial control circuits. Construct, wire, test, and operate a typical industrial control panel.

Industrial Hydraulic Systems

Study hydraulics as applied in modern industrial settings, including hydraulic components and their operational functions. Review the basic principles of liquid flow and their relationship to daily applications.

Employment Success

Students in this course will focus on skills that enable them to transition to professional life. As a result of participation, students will be able to develop a resume, prepare to interview effectively and present themselves in a professional manner in person and online. Strengths and personality assessments, practice interviews, keeping a job and career management are included in the curriculum.

Communication in the Workplace

Expand level of awareness and skill in interpersonal communications, both oral and written, while focusing on securing and maintaining a job. Develop competencies in the area of listening, sending, and employability skills.


IMT Equipment Install & Align

IMT Pump & Piping Systems


Study programmable logic controllers (PLC) using Allen-Bradley PLCs, RSLogix 500 series related to basics and start up, PLC wiring, ladder diagram networks and basic programming.

Industrial Pneumatic Systems

Explore pneumatics as applied in modern industrial settings. Review the basic gas laws and principles as they relate to day-to-day applications, and study pneumatic components and their operational functions.

Applied Science

Basic Applied Economics

Understand business operations by studying topics such as the appreciation of profit and loss, return on investment, business expenses, daily operations, and other vital elements. This course is for students in vocational occupational programs.

Industrial Drives and Robotics

Gain a basic understanding of CNC and robotic theory of operation and learn to apply that theory to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair this equipment. Become competent in using manufacturer’s maintenance manuals to set up and troubleshoot the machines.

Fluid Power Maintenance

Become familiar with common maintenance activities that are necessary for industrial and mobile systems controlled by hydraulics. Take an in-depth look at the principles of circuit evaluation and component operation, construction, maintenance, and testing.

IMT System Troubleshooting

Develop troubleshooting techniques and the ability to diagnose and isolate malfunctions that commonly occur in equipment such as CNC machines and Servo systems.

IMT Predictive Maintenance

Become familiar with predictive and preventive maintenance technologies including oil analysis, thermography, vibration analysis and airborne ultrasonics.

Workplace Psychology

Develop the skills needed for building positive relationships with others by taking part in unique workplace scenarios and exploring psychological concepts.


An industrial maintenance technician—also known as an industrial maintenance mechanic—repairs industrial machinery and mechanical equipment such as conveying systems, production machinery, and packaging equipment. Their job also includes preventative maintenance, maintenance that is performed on a piece of working equipment to lessen the likelihood of it breaking down.

Most work full time in factories, refineries, food-processing facilities, power plants, or at construction sites. Sometimes they are also called into work night or weekend shifts. As an industrial maintenance technician, overtime is common. An industrial maintenance technician’s median pay is $48,410 a year, and this career is projected to grow 16 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than average for occupations.

Some countries want industrial maintenance technicians to work as an assistant for a few years. However, many companies want their industrial maintenance technicians to have an industrial maintenance technician certificate before they are hired.

Training On Maintenance Topics

Convergence Training provides industrial maintenance training which allows you to learn more about your career through eLearning. It allows new employees to learn how to appropriately perform tasks and get up-to-speed with the rest of your workforce. Also, it allows experienced employees to elevate their knowledge and improve their performance.

Convergence Training’s manufacturing training videos provide a wide variety of training. Some of the main topics industrial maintenance training courses cover include foundational training on common faculty systems, machine maintenance safety basics, and overviews of electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components. However, Convergence Training’s eLearning methods involve more than watching videos. Convergence Training presents material in a multimedia format using tactics including practice questions, feedback, and tests. Through the use of these various multimedia tactics, you are more likely to remember the information you’ve learned.

Here’s a short sample of our Equipment Maintenance and Reliability course.

Use Your Training Program on Your Mobile Device

Sometimes it is difficult to recall information about a task you have never performed before or that you have not performed in a long time. Convergence Training’s industrial maintenance videos allow you to use your mobile device to access the training library as in-the-field performance support. This allows you to call up information when required. Information in these videos is explained in a more concise manner than maintenance manuals.

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Being an industrial maintenance technician is a rewarding career. Having an extensive knowledge of aspects of your occupation allows you to get the most out of your career. To gain this knowledge, explore our extensive course catalog and discover the right eLearning courses for you.

Here’s a short overview video of the kind of visually engaging, high-impact maintenance training courses we provide.

Conclusion: Industrial Maintenance Technician and Maintenance Training

We hope this introduction to the industrial maintenance technician career, and some suggested online maintenance training courses, was helpful to you.

If you’re an industrial maintenance tech, please leave your own thoughts, experiences, and comments below.

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