New Feature Makes Email Notifications More Efficient, Customizable

New Feature Makes Email Notifications More Efficient, Customizable
There’s so much to manage in today’s fast-paced workforce. Providing employees with required training, and communicating important updates to them are critical, but also timely and overwhelming. Vector’s Learning Management System (LMS) for Casinos (formerly CELEXA) is a total training management solution for your entire team that reduces the tediousness of manually notifying team members with time-saving automation, accurate reporting, and now, email notifications on events such as assigning courses, overdue courses, and more.
We listen closely to our customers’ needs and have answered the call to one of the most requested changes. With the improved Notification Center, you no longer have to worry about personally notifying employees of training events that can cause frustration and take up too much of your valuable time. In addition, to the Notification Center’s ability to send bulk enrollment and customized notifications automatically, the following are other notification events included:
  • User Added to Classroom Session
  • User Added to Classroom Session Waitlist
  • User Dropped from Classroom Session
  • Lesson Failed
  • Number of Lesson Attempts Reached
  • Course Failed
The new feature for the Notification Center will be released this month, September 13, and we will be hosting a demo of this exciting new feature on Tuesday, September 14. To join the webinar, click here to sign up!
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