Are You Using An EHS Solution To Improve Workplace Safety?

Are You Using An EHS Solution To Improve Workplace Safety?

While all organizations are held to stringent health and safety standards by OSHA, many choose to manage risks and hazards with an EHS solution at the workplace.

These EHS programs – Environment, Health and Safety Programs – attempt to identify, assess, and control hazards at work, as well as train workers about the hazards and how to work in a safe and healthy manner, protect their own safety and health and that of others in the workplace, and the safety, health, and environmental conditions which may impact their community.

Why EHS Solutions Are Important

As our Convergence Training brand has discussed previously, the primary benefit of EHS and workplace EHS programs is obvious: preventing incidents such as injuries, illnesses, and harmful environmental releases.

But health and safety are such large, encompassing concepts that to better understand just how mission-critical they are, it helps to have some context.

Consider one of the most horrific examples of an incident that showed the need for EHS efforts – the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. Others include the well known and more recent Bhopal/Union Carbide explosion in 1984, the Upper Big Branch Mine-South explosion of 2010, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010, and the fire in – and ultimate collapse of – the Savar building in Bangladesh in 2013.

Workplace hazards are, unfortunately, very real so EHS programs and solutions prove necessary, provide real benefits and, subsequently, meet the highest priorities of many employees.

In fact, a study by the American Psychological Association found that millennials rank safety as an issue of workplace stress higher than any other issue – and higher than previous generations.

Further, EHS programs can also positively impact an organization’s bottom line as a study found a direct correlation between safety and health programs and a company’s stock performance.

So how, then, can organizations better prioritize their EHS programs?

IndustrySafe: A More Effective Way to Manage Safety Data

An EHS solutions partner like our IndustrySafe brand can offer a wide variety of services to help your organization achieve the greatest return from your safety software investment.

Here are just a few ways an EHS solution from IndustrySafe can help you streamline the way you improve workplace safety.


IndustrySafe's implementation team assists clients with initial site set-up and the implementation of their software from beginning to end.

Their team will review your business processes and system requirements and will configure your IndustrySafe site to best meet your specific needs.

Data Integration

IndustrySafe can easily be integrated with your organization's existing software applications, including Human Resources, active directory, third party administrator (TPA), and payroll systems.

Organizations can also conduct on-going imports of hours worked, locational, user, and employee information to save time and reduce tedious data entry.

IndustrySafe Training

IndustrySafe offers a wide range of training options, including end-user webinars, web-based, and on-site training timed to coincide with specific phases of your implementation.

Their implementation experts will work with you to determine the best training method for your organization and can tailor their instruction and training materials to your unique user groups.

The real bottom line? If you have a robust and thriving EHS culture, your company will have fewer incidents. And fewer incidents will make your employees feel safer and more valued, boosting employee morale, retention, productivity, hiring and your bottom line.

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