Vector LMS for Law Enforcement: Top 5 Purchasing Process Q&A

Vector LMS for Law Enforcement: Top 5 Purchasing Process Q&A

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Is your police department considering purchasing Vector Solutions' online Learning Management System (LMS) to manage its training program? You may have questions.

Here are the top five questions asked by law enforcement agencies considering Vector LMS to deliver, track, and report all training activity.

1. Is your training accredited and POST approved?

Vector LMS features more than 250 accredited hours of online training for law enforcement agencies accepted for continuing education hours (CEH) by various states and approval agencies.

Vector Solutions has POST accreditation in numerous states and an accreditation team working on obtaining additional approvals. See Vector Solutions' approval status and continuing education hour requirements in your state by viewing this interactive map. Calibre Press video training courses

Written by training content experts at Calibre Press, Vector Solutions' offers law enforcement agencies the ability to deliver 25 dynamic, video-based courses. These real-world scenarios cover the industry's most critical areas and mission-critical topics relevant to today's officers. See a sampling of courses.

2. Are there cost savings associated with using your platform?

Online Training on Computer

Vector LMS delivers more training for 1/3 of the cost. Implementing online law enforcement courses to your training program helps reduce costs associated with instructors, overtime, travel, tuition, and more. Learn more.

Tracking and reporting on all training activities also help reduce risk and liability by ensuring your department's officers meet performance standards and stay compliant.

3. What else does your software do besides online training content?

Vector Solutions' web-based platform offers more than just training management. Agencies can consolidate a variety of time-consuming tasks with Vector Solutions' suite of integrated mobile-friendly systems.

The Vector Evaluations+ native app offers a complete FTO program management tool that centralizes crucial field training, allows departments to distribute policies and document policy acknowledgments, and track DORs. With this solution, your agency can ensure officers are competent and ready to perform.

Vector Check It is an inspection management app that enables departments to streamline routine checks on equipment, vehicles, gear, and more. Track the lifecycle of all your agency's inventory and streamline maintenance/repairs in one convenient place.

Easily manage your workforce with the Vector Scheduling integrated mobile app with rules-based software that allows personnel to make real-time schedule updates anytime, anywhere and effectively communicate staff information across the organization.

4. How can your platform lower our liability exposures?

Vector Solutions' platform simplifies how agencies deliver, track, and report on training, compliance, and policies, which helps lower risk exposure by improving an officer's comprehension and decision-making in the field.

Online Training

In addition to providing solutions that help track the training and policies officers need, Vector LMS also enables supervisory oversight to track regular performance reviews and manage recurrent training. These are just several ways Vector LMS can help lower your agency's liability exposure. Check out this white paper to learn more about reducing risk in law enforcement.

5. Can your software integrate with our third-party software?

Vector Solutions work seamlessly with your infrastructure and can integrate with most third-party software you currently use – enabling single sign-on functions or external reporting capabilities.

There are no installations, add-ons, or plugins required for any of Vector Solutions' applications. The cloud-based software is mobile-compatible and can be accessed from any web-enabled device. Simply ensure your system meets these requirements, and personnel can seamlessly access the platform.

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