Take a Power Trip! Power-Gen International: Know Before You Go


Power-Gen International, one of the largest conferences covering issues in the power generation sector, is around the corner (Dec.12-15). The conference is a unique opportunity to get a broad view of what is happening across the power generation sector.

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Keeping up with a rapidly changing industry
Power generation demands are shifting in a hurry as more organizations face pressure to offer reliable energy that is created in the most sustainable ways possible. This is making legacy power generation methods less workable within modern energy grids and leading to greater diversity in the sector. At the same time, this heightened competition is making factors such as operational efficiency more important than ever. All told, power generation companies – and the organizations that depend on them – are being forced to alter and modernize longstanding operations.

What to expect at Power-Gen International
A few key highlights include:

  • A cultivated group of 70 conference sessions covering topics ranging from emissions control and energy storage to wastewater treatment compliance and digital technologies that are changing today’s power plants.
  • Five technical tours – four covering power plants and one showcasing Orlando’s four solar panel trees – to provide real-world insights into developments across the industry.
  • Workshops, networking events and similar opportunities to grow as a professional and make key connections with peers.
  • More than 20,000 industry stakeholders gathering in one place to share ideas.
  • A collection of 1,400 exhibitors to present key information and advances pertaining to the sector.

Power-Gen International is an exciting opportunity to get a full view of the power generation sector. Power generation organizations are facing far-reaching changes driven by new technologies and operational demands, a wide array of stakeholders to support and new technologies that are having a huge impact on the sector. Power-Gen International delves into all of these issues.

Industrial training and professional development play a vital role in helping power generation companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry. Companies that want to build on Power-Gen experience can then use ongoing training and professional development courses to keep their teams ahead of the technological curve in the sector.

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