With a great number of organizations striving towards ever greater integration, microlearning has become a viable training method due to its engaging and interactive nature. Microlearning offers a series of short courses that are designed to expound on very specific points of a key topic.

Topics and Format

At times associated with meeting the needs of millennials, microlearning provides bite-sized chunks of applied wisdom that encompass a wide array of topics. Increased retention of acquired information, salvaged time and lower training costs are a few potential benefits that result from microlearning systems’ design as a fast and focused means of delivering information.

The employment of microlearning provides managers and other organizational leaders an opportunity to address their team with timely information on goals, announcements or changes in strategy. Through video or other forms of media, managers can communicate and focus their team’s energy in real time.

Integration with Existing Systems

Microlearning also allows for the ability to integrate with other systems operating within the organization. For example, a maintenance worker for an organization may be tasked with an assignment that requires knowledge of certain safety procedures. If the work order for the assignment is linked to the organization’s system that is integrated with a microlearning system, the microlearning system can send a reminder of the safety procedures to the worker via the chosen method of delivery (e.g. text message) just in time for the job execution. This integration can also nullify the need for the Internet when applying a microlearning system. When partnered with claims management and incident tracking systems, microlearning systems can predict the possibility of injury and suggest courses to minimize the risks.


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