Driving Industrial Efficiencies is Central to RedVector’s New ControlLogix PLC Training


Release date: 7/27/2016

As the global programmable logic controller market grows at a CAGR of 7.56% and continues to improve efficiencies for industrial companies, RedVector training teaches important ControlLogix PLC system configurations, programming, troubleshooting and communications


RedVector, the leader in online industrial skills training, has launched a ControlLogix® PLC training series to aid industrial organizations in driving efficiencies using programmable logic controllers. Those efficiencies include minimizing machine downtime, maintaining uniformity among production process branches and establishing efficient plant monitoring and control.

A programmable logic controller is an electronic device used to monitor and control production processes and building systems. PLCs are at the forefront of manufacturing automation, with oil and gas and food and beverage manufacturing organizations representing the fastest-growing users of PLCs.

ControlLogix PLCs are emerging as next-generation solutions that drive major efficiency gains in industrial settings. Learning the nuances of these systems can give manufacturers an edge. RedVector’s new ControlLogix Programmable Logic Controllers Training Series covers important system configurations, project structure, programming a PLC, troubleshooting a PLC, and communications. The series is authored by Ralph Hackle, who has more than 27 years of experience with the design, development and implementation of PLCs and ControlLogix systems and related training.

“Being able to quickly and accurately troubleshoot a programmable logic controller is a vital skill for all maintenance technicians,” said Dan McGonegle, RedVector Product Director. “In launching this new programmable logic controllers training, we want to empower our industrial clients to take full advantage of this important technology.”

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