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    October 6, 2020

    Vector Solutions (formerly Everfi’s Campus Prevention Network) Launches the Campus Prevention Network Seal of Prevention for Higher Education


    Higher Education



    Vector Solutions, the leading social impact education innovator, today launched its new Campus Prevention Network (CPN) Seal of Prevention in collaboration with Parchment, a leading platform for issuing and receiving academic and professional credentials. The CPN Seal of Prevention is awarded to institutions of higher education that have demonstrated a commitment to digital prevention programs tied to student safety, well-being, and inclusion.

    Each recipient of the CPN Seal of Prevention has taken action to create a safer, more inclusive campus through comprehensive, evidence-based digital prevention education on issues such as sexual assault, alcohol misuse, mental health, and discrimination. The CPN Seal of Prevention establishes guidelines for discerning quality online prevention education and implementation practices, and positions prevention as central to key institutional outcomes, including recruitment, student success, retention, and advancement.

    The CPN Seal of Prevention elevates the visibility of campuses committed to meeting the highest standard of student well-being, making it easier for students and their parents to search and identify these institutions via Parchment’s College Profile Pages and Student Choice Survey. These tools are used by millions of students to learn about campuses that align with their interests, needs, and values.

    This year’s recipients of the CPN Seal of Prevention, the first-ever to receive this distinction, included 594 institutions that have demonstrated commitment to the highest standards of digital prevention programming, aligned to evidence-based principles including socio-cultural relevance, reach and dosage, and outcomes evaluation. A full list of the 2020 recipients of the CPN Seal of Prevention can be found here

    “The CPN Seal of Prevention recognizes colleges and universities for the commitment they’ve made to creating communities where students can truly thrive,” said Rob Buelow, senior vice president, Higher Education and Impact, Vector Solutions. “In the wake of COVID-19, institutions of higher education must assure both returning and prospective students that they are strongly committed to the student experience. The CPN Seal of Prevention not only elevates leading institutions but serves as validation for students facing the difficult choice of where to pursue their continued education.” 

    “Just as credentialing has become a way for students to promote the acquired skills that employers value, institutions must also promote their offerings that align with the values of their students,” said Jason Weaver, vice president of Product, Parchment. “The CPN Seal of Prevention is a great way to validate that colleges and universities are committed to not just the academic success of students, but also to addressing the factors that impact their lives inside and outside the classroom, such as safety, wellness, and inclusion. We couldn’t be more excited to work with Vector Solutions to honor institutions that provide this value to students.”

    The criteria for the CPN Seal of Prevention are based on the Principles of Effective Prevention Programs published by Nation, et al. (2003). Campuses will be evaluated on an annual basis to determine eligibility and ongoing status. Institutions that receive the Seal will be recognized at the annual CPN Summit, which takes place in June, annually. 

    To learn more about the CPN Seal of Prevention, please visit