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Prevent and Manage Cyberattacks on Campus

Colleges and universities house a lot of sensitive data, including financial and operational information, valuable research findings, and even medical records from student health centers or affiliated hospitals, making them easy targets for cyberattacks. 

Vector Solutions’ cybersecurity awareness suites provide scalable, cost-effective training specifically for educational leaders and employees so they understand the cybersecurity landscape and their roles in preventing and managing cyberattacks.

  • Cybersecurity Awareness for Educational Leaders
    • Creating a Cybersecurity Culture
    • Incident Preparedness and Management Planning
    • Laws and Global Compliance Standards
    • Safeguarding Against Social Engineering Attacks 
  • Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees at Educational Institutions
    • Security Awareness Essentials
    • End-User Best Practices
    • Social Engineering 
    • Classifying and Safeguarding Data for Organizational and Personal Use 


Download our cybersecurity awareness suite brochure to learn more about how these course offerings can be an asset to your institution.

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