Hartford Public Schools Reaches 97% Completion Rate for Safety and Compliance Training

Hartford Public Schools Reaches 97% Completion Rate for Safety and Compliance Training

Hartford Public Schools is the largest public school district in Connecticut, with over 20,000 students and 3,000 employees in 46 schools. Since 2017, staff members have completed almost 24,000 SafeSchools Training courses!

The Need: A User-Friendly System to Manage and Track Compliance Training

Why did Hartford select the SafeSchools Online Training System as their online safety and compliance provider?

“Being a large district, we needed a platform that could easily track completions of our compliance trainings, while also allowing us to create customized trainings specific to our district. The platform also needed to be user friendly for various levels of our staff to use it. We had tried other platforms before but they just didn’t offer exactly what we were looking for and left our team having to do a lot of extra work to make sure we were staying compliant,” states Rachel Stimpson, Performance Management Specialist.

Before adopting SafeSchools Training, Hartford held large group meetings for trainings, but they felt like it was a waste of valuable time. Plus, only 50% of their staff were taking the mandatory trainings. After using SafeSchools Training for two years, they now have a 97% completion rate! And, staff can now take their trainings online, when it’s most convenient for their schedule.

The Results: Increased Accountability and More Personalized Training

Rachel loves how user friendly the SafeSchools Training system is, “We have a variety of staff with varying levels of technology skills that need to take the trainings. SafeSchools Training is easy to navigate for everyone. As an admin, I also like how easy it is to set up courses and run reports to check our compliance ratings.” She also notes, “The site is very user friendly and easily allows us to track our compliance rates and notify staff when they need to complete a training. The catalog of available trainings is extensive and fits the needs of our large district perfectly.”

The biggest benefits Hartford has seen using SafeSchools Training? Their compliance rating has gone up over 50% using this platform, they can easily track who still needs to complete their training with reports, they can hold staff accountable by keeping clear data on which trainings they have taken versus which trainings they are supposed to take, and they can assign more trainings on an individual basis if there are certain staff members who need training in one area during the year.

Now the district can rest assured they are better training employees and preventing serious safety incidents before they occur. Keep up the great work, Hartford!

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