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January 9, 2024 min read

Northwestern State University Turns to Vector Solutions to Support its Hazing Prevention Efforts


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The Customer

Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana

The Challenge

Provide an engaging online course to support the university’s hazing prevention efforts that would work for both in-person and remote students. Northwestern State University, located in Natchitoches, Louisiana serves 9,389 students, including ones who are enrolled to take courses remotely. University leaders needed a convenient way to provide all students with hazing prevention training, but the online program the university had been using wasn’t engaging. “It wasn’t hitting the mark. All they had to do was slide the scroller. I felt they weren’t getting what they needed,” said Mary-Katherine Horton, the university’s Director of Greek Life.

Provide a hazing prevention course that feels like us. The university values personalization and wanted a high-quality hazing prevention course that was tailored to the unique needs and goals of the university. “We’re a homegrown school, and we wanted programming that reflects that and allows me to have a say in what goes on their screens,” Horton said.

The Choice

The university adopted Vector Solutions Hazing Prevention Course to:

  • Provide students with high-quality online hazing prevention education that is convenient for all students to access, including those who attend college virtually.
  • Engage students in the topic of hazing prevention through a customized course that promotes conversation and feedback.
  • Meet an ambitious timeline for implementation. The university had roughly a one-month window to implement the training program in order to launch it for Hazing Prevention Month. Horton said the Vector team was extremely helpful and hands-on in getting everything up and running in time for the launch.

The Change

By adopting Vector Solutions’ hazing prevention programs the university is now able to:

  • Provide an engaging online hazing prevention course that is convenient for virtual students and that support in-person hazing prevention efforts. Vector helped the university create a plan to integrate the online course with the university’s in-person hazing prevention courses, making the training even more impactful. “Students would have conversations about what they had learned during the course. We haven’t had meaningful conversations like this in years. It’s different than just clicking ‘yes I understand,’ it’s talking about what they value and why,” said Horton. “We’ve finally established what we needed here. Vector ties the components together.”
  • Provide hazing prevention that is unique to the university and represents their mission. “When we started with Vector – It was always ‘tell me about your student population and what your students need. What are your concerns?’ It was very personalized,” said Horton.
    The university especially loved the customer service and how quickly Vector was able to get the program up and running. Horton said Vector felt like a true partner from start to finish. “At times we were talking every hour,” she said. “The rep made me feel so comfortable I knew I was working with a vendor that really cared about our rollout to students.”
  • Obtain feedback about the course. The Vector course has a pre- and post-course assessment so students can demonstrate what they learned. It also allows them to provide feedback. These features are important in helping the university understand if the program is working. “The way I determine if something is working is feedback,” said Horton. “Asking fraternity men to talk about their values isn’t easy for them. For them to say they loved this and valued the conversations made it worth it.”
  • Ensure compliance with federal law. Louisiana law requires that publicly funded colleges and universities provide hazing prevention education to all incoming students. Vector’s course helps the university meet that requirement.

“There were hazing deaths happening across the country and we wanted the training we provided to our students to have an impact. We wanted it to be more than them just clicking a box to show that they understand. We finally hit the nail on the head with this training.”

Mary-Katherine Horton

Director of Greek Life

“I was emailing our Vector representative 47 times. I always received a personalized email. I never felt like I was talking to a robot. He cared about the rollout and I always felt like I was working with a friend. I knew I was getting people who are going to help my students, if something goes wrong with our system. It feels like a company that really cares.”

Mary-Katherine Horton

Director of Greek Life

About Vector Solutions

Vector Solutions offers a variety of courses for both staff and students to support safety and wellness on college campuses. Courses cover topics such as mental well-being, health and safety awareness, active shooter training, cybersecurity, and more. It’s hazing prevention courses are:

Hazing Awareness and Prevention Course for Students: Helps students understand hazing so they can identify potential concerns and prevent future incidents. This course helps students:

  • Learn the key components of hazing
  • Recognize the signs of hazing
  • Identify who is involved in hazing and understand why they exhibit certain behaviors
  • Describe the risks and danger associated with hazing

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Hazing Awareness and Prevention for Faculty and Staff: Provides an overview of the mental and physical toll hazing has on those joining organizations. Learners will build knowledge and skills related to why hazing occurs, the health and legal risks of hazing, and more. This course helps staff members:

  • Understand the key components of hazing
  • Identify who is involved in hazing and why they exhibit certain behaviors
  • Summarize the nature of the continuum of hazing
  • Explain what they can do to prevent hazing and support victims

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