Spokane Tribe Casino Leverages Vector’s LMS to Manage Training for 360 Employees

Spokane Tribe Casino Leverages Vector’s LMS to Manage Training for 360 Employees

Norman LeBret manages the training and professional development for 360 employees at Spokane Tribe Casino. Owned and operated by Spokane Tribe of Indians, Spokane Tribe Casino opened in 2018 and offers gaming services that include slots, table games, and a sportsbook, in addition to five dining facilities and an entertainment venue that are due to open by September 2023.

Spokane Tribe Casino is the first phase of the Spokane Tribe Economic Project (STEP), a 145-acre mixeduse development in Airway Heights, Washington— the heart of the Spokane Tribal Aboriginal Territory. Future phases include retail and commercial spaces, a hotel that is currently under construction, a culture center, and more. “Expansions can create an intense environment,” said Norman, Director of Training and Development for Spokane Tribe Casino.

From cage, slot, table game, and sportsbook operations to food & beverage, purchasing, marketing, IT, HR, and administration, there are a lot roles to train across the busy property. Ensuring all employees complete their required and professional development training is a lot to keep track of when Norman is also responsible for administering the training and building out employee career paths. In addition to Title 31 anti-money laundering (AML) courses, which 75% of the staff must take, there are other required trainings to remain compliant such as food safety and alcohol training.

Shortly after Spokane Tribe Casino opened its doors, they implemented Vector Learning Management System (LMS) for Casinos. With one system, all employee training is tracked and managed in one place and Norman can run a report to see where everyone is at with their training requirements. “The videos are good and quizzes are essential for validating comprehension,” explained Norman.

“The videos are good and quizzes are essential for validating comprehension.”

Norman, Director of Training and Development for Spokane Tribe Casino

The system allows Norman to easily tailor training for each role, including their manager-in-training professional development program. In addition to easily assigning role-specific training from Vector LMS for Casinos, Norman leverages Vector’s online courses from its casino-specific course catalog. “Vector’s Title 31 AML courses cover the basics and keep us compliant,” said Norman. In addition to Vector’s AML courses, Spokane Tribe Casino also leverages Vector’s online courses for sexual harassment, ethics, and other position-specific training.

“With such busy schedules, it’s critical to make training available on-demand,” said Norman. Online learning gives employees the ability to complete the training at their convenience from work or from home. They can even bookmark their place in a training course and resume it later, if needed.

Leveraging Vector’s extensive casino-specific catalog with more than 150 courses also saves human time and resources involved in the planning and delivering of in-person training. The LMS eliminates manual tracking and archaic attendance rosters, and makes it simple to use customized content, including PowerPoints, form acknowledgements, assessments, and surveys.

The next evolution of Vector LMS for Casinos at Spokane Tribe Casino will be integrating the system with their HRIS solution through Vector’s API. The integration will add additional efficiencies, such as reducing manual data entry and keeping employee status up to date as employees onboard, exit, and/or move into a new role.

Vector Solutions offers online casino training, gaming compliance and safety solutions, as well as a gaming-specific course catalog of nearly 150 online training courses, including courses on AML and responsible gaming.

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