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October 30, 2020 3 min read

St. Mary's College of Maryland

St. Mary’s College of Maryland: Preventing Sexual Assault on Campus and Creating a Positive Culture


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St. Mary's College of Maryland

“We are creating social norms where sexual violence is unacceptable on our campus and in a larger environment.”

Helen Ann Lawless

Title IX Investigator and Prevention Specialist St. Mary's College of Maryland

“We have a certain standard of workplace conduct that is greater than what the law requires, greater than what customs require.”

Shannon Sorells

Senior Legal Counsel for Ethics, Compliance and Employment Law Teradata

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St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Prevention First Approach

Data Vector Solutions (formerly Everfi’s Campus Prevention Network) platform demonstrated students’ readiness to intervene and what they think peers do in a similar situation. Programming This data informs the approach to the Title IX’s office programming to raise awareness in the right areas. Positive Culture A focus on prevention efforts leads to enhanced student engagement and increased retention.

Get to Know Helen Ann

Helen Ann is the Title IX Investigator and Prevention Specialist at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM), a public liberal arts institution in Maryland with about 1500 students. Helen Ann joined SMCM with a background in public health and social work and has continued her efforts and commitment towards sexual assault prevention.

How SMCM Includes Vector Solutions In Their Harassment Prevention Strategy

Use Data Effectively “I’m a big data nerd and I love all of the access I have on the backend to survey responses and data. We’re able to use the data around social norms — comparing what students would do vs, what they think others would and are able to show to our students that people on our campus do step in and step up!”

Activate Programming Some of the ways St. Mary’s College helps to amplify and share their prevention efforts are through posts to their Title IX Instagram, encouraging students to distribute fliers, and facilitating an annual climate survey.

Initiate a Common Dialogue “This course gives our students an introduction and a foundation on consent, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention. This allows us to do a deeper dive into these topics knowing everyone is on the same page, speaking the same language.”

“Vector Solutions is really valuable to me from my perspective as a preventionzist and I really appreciate all the work that you do to make sure the content is updated and looks new.”

Helen Ann Lawless


Upgrade Your Sexual Assault Prevention Training Like SMCM

Comprehensive Solution

  • Engage students throughout their time in college.
  • Foster healthy relationships behaviors.
  • Prepare students to recognize and respond to sexual assault and harassment.
  • Comply with updates to Clery Act and Title IX training requirements.

Evidence-Based Training

  • Educate students using use realistic scenarios they can relate to as well as interactive elements that keep learners engaged throughout the course.
  • Provide training written by prevention education and compliance experts to create a safe and healthy learning environment.

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