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December 14, 2023 min read

The City of Everett Improves Training Accessibility and Accountability for 1,200 Employees While Reducing Admin Time


Multiple Industries


Vector LMS

The Challenge

The City of Everett (WA) is a full-service city of about 1,200 employees serving roughly 125,000 citizens with Fire/EMS, Police, Library, Transit, Public Works, and other public services through the municipal government.

When the outdated, in-house-built system started breaking down, the city saw an opportunity to adopt a modern LMS that could help increase employee/department self-sufficiency, improve training standardization, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

The Choice

Introduced to Vector Solutions by the city’s fire department, the city launched Vector LMS Enterprise (formerly TargetSolutions) in 2018 with the city as the parent site and six departments on child sites.

With Vector LMS, the City of Everett can:

• Deliver and track standardized assignments, bundled training, and compliance materials to employees across departments.
• Provide 24/7 access to online training courses to help personnel satisfy state and industry-specific training requirements, such as accredited EMS
• CEUs, certified Water and Wastewater CEUs, Electrical CEUs, Law Enforcement CEs, and fire- related courses based on NFPA standards.
• Deliver custom training materials to fulfill city- specific requirements—like conducting a bus inspection or training for the city’s surface water permit—with in-house instructional videos, presentations, and quizzes to measure comprehension.

“When we need to fulfill a records request, we don’t have to go look in multiple physical file cabinets or ask other departments do to so, it’s simply either in [Vector LMS], or it does not exist.”

Megan Munro

Environmental Health and Safety Manager

The Change

With Vector LMS Enterprise, the City of Everett empowers its employees and departments to be self-sufficient while providing essential support and maintaining critical oversight of city-wide training operations.

Having granular access to training data—like when training occurred, objectives covered, test results, and more—in one place helps reduce liability risk and uphold personnel accountability if questions arise.

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