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August 1, 2021

Developing Maintenance Tech Training Programs to Improve Employee Retention


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Learn how Vector Solutions partnered with a client to help design, develop, and deliver a comprehensive maintenance tech training program, including but not limited to online knowledge assessment tools and online 3D-animated maintenance training courses, to help the client solve challenges with new employee recruitment and hiring, employee skills gaps, employee retention, and employee career development.

Discover how the client and Vector Solutions worked together to create a maintenance tech entry training program, a series of tech certifications, a tech advancement program, a “competency card” system, and more, and how the maintenance and training departments were able to use these programs to work with the client’s HR department to help meet HR goals including hiring and retention.


Rachel Roeper


Rachel is a Learning and Development Program Manager who works with CBRE and was centrally involved in the development of the CBRE maintenance tech training program discussed in this webinar.

Chris Twitchell

Vector Solutions

Chris is an Enterprise SaaS Professional with Vector Solutions with more than 10 years professional experience. He worked closely with CBRE and his co-employees at Vector Solutions to help bring this project to completion.