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October 25, 2023

Onboard and Upskill with Confidence: Industrial Training that Makes an Impact




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Webinar Overview

Wednesday, October 25, 2023
2 pm ET | 11 am PT

With nearly 2.1 million manufacturing jobs estimated to go unfilled by 2030, industrial workplaces today no longer have the luxury of loose, ad-hoc training programs. Empowering employees to develop the skills needed to work successfully and safely in manufacturing is vital.

We’ll discuss how the power of strong onboarding training, including Operator Responsibilities, Compressors and Valve Mastery, equip your teams for success. Don’t miss your chance to thrive in a competitive industrial landscape.

You’ll learn techniques to:

  • Build skills for current and new employees to address the manufacturing job shortage 
  • Provide effective onboarding training and continuous skill development to reduce turnover  
  • Familiarize newly hired operators with their responsibilities, machinery, and equipment; empower them to become confident in the tasks they’re assigned; and perform tasks in a timely and safe manner 
  • Boost efficiency and time-to-competency with training



Michael Ojdana
Chief Learning Officer | Vector Solutions

Michael leads the Content Team at Vector and has a rich background in all aspects of content development, including building state-of-the-art 3D animated courses, localizing content for many languages, and improving process workflows to smoothly bring courses from concept to market. In his role, Michael strives to guide his team to create engaging, innovative courses that meet customer needs, positively change behaviors, and help make employees safer.


Adam Baumgartner
Technical Writer | Vector Solutions

Adam’s experience includes 12 years as a process engineer and continuous improvement leader in the pulp and paper industry, and 9 years writing and developing industrial eLearning content.