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November 7, 2023

Supporting Student Well-Being: Strategies for Managing Stress and Anxiety in K-12 Education




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Amidst the demands of modern K-12 education, addressing student stress and anxiety has become increasingly vital. This presentation is dedicated to equipping K-12 educators with practical tools and insights to effectively recognize, manage, and alleviate student stress and anxiety.

We will also delve into how students’ mental health can impact teacher burnout and stress. Through this knowledge, educators can create a nurturing and conducive learning environment that fosters emotional well-being for their students, as well as themselves.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the causes and manifestations of student stress and anxiety, offering insight into the impact these emotions have on students’ academic performance and overall well-being.
  • Learn to identify signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety in students and build an understanding regarding how to create a supportive environment for students.
  • Explore practical techniques for managing stress and anxiety within the classroom, while discovering strategies to promote emotional resilience and coping skills in students.
  • Recognize the connection between students’ mental health and teacher burnout and stress, while learning strategies to mitigate the impact of student stress on educators.


Natalie Asayag, LCSW

Seasoned Clinical Social Worker and Author

Natalie Asayag, LCSW, is a seasoned clinical social worker and founder of Renew Wellness & Psychotherapy, LLC, with over a decade of experience promoting mental well-being in the therapeutic setting.

She has delivered presentations on an array of subjects including anxiety, body image, eating disorders, trauma, and somatic responses. Her talks have taken place across a diverse spectrum of platforms, from higher education institutions to national organizations.

Her extensive experience working with students across a spectrum of settings, encompassing schools, homes, and therapeutic spaces, has uniquely positioned her to grasp the profound implications of mental health challenges and the importance of implementing strategies and nurturing secure environments in our educational institutions.

Natalie has authored courses for Vector Solutions, working to advance mental health awareness and education for high school students and educators in the areas of self-harm awareness prevention and eating disorder awareness and prevention. She also served as the In-House Mental Health Professional at DiveThru, contributing significantly to the evolution of this Canadian enterprise from a concept into a comprehensive resource for mental wellness, accessible both online and in-person.