Training Alone is Not Enough - Building an Evidence-based Comprehensive Hazing Prevention Program on College Campuses

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At both the state and the federal level, legislators are turning their attention to stopping hazing on college campuses, enacting laws that criminalize the acts or increase penalties, requiring additional policies, reporting, and for some states, student training. These efforts are an important start, but institutions that want to create lasting change will need to go beyond the minimum requirements of the law to truly build a hazing-resistant culture. 


In this webinar, participants will learn: 

  • How to apply the Campus Prevention Network’s evidence-based Framework for Impact to guide their holistic efforts at hazing prevention.
  • The role digital and in-person student training plays in comprehensive hazing prevention.
  • The steps institutions can take to increase the effectiveness of their hazing prevention programs.

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Expert Presenters

Holly Rider Milkovich - Scaled Screenshot
Holly Rider-Milkovich

VP, Impact

Holly leads the Impact & Education team at Vector Solutions, helping ensure that the thought leadership we deliver to our customers is based on research and established best practice and she's also our subject matter expert on preventing sexual and gender-based harassment and violence. Holly joined Vector Solutions most recently from the University of Michigan where she oversaw that institution's prevention and advocacy efforts for nearly a decade. Holly also brings national policy experience to her role at Vector Solutions as one of the rulemakers for the 2014 Clery Act regulations and an advisor to the Obama Administration White House Taskforce on preventing campus sexual assault. She brings over 25 years of experience in preventing and responding to sexual- and gender-based violence in higher education, workplaces, and communities.

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