Vector LMS for Casinos – Training Series

Vector LMS for Casinos – Training Series


Review key features of Vector LMS for Casinos and how they help you save time and money, improve the consistency of your training program, and support your training culture.

Session 1

Session One Focus:

User Management and Automation Tools


Session 2

Session Two Focus:

Training Matrices

Learn how to assign content in bulk and use the advanced settings to customize your training schedule by setting prerequisites, hire dates restrictions, and course completion dates.

Session 3

Session Three Focus:

Notifications Center

Now that you have learned how to assign training to your team, we will walk you through the Notifications Center to learn how to automate training announcements sent via email or through in-app messaging.

Session 5

Session Four Focus:

Course Authoring Tool

Review how to upload your casino’s custom content to turn it into online training.

Session 6

Session Five Focus:

Classroom Course Management

Vector LMS for Casinos also supports classroom course management. Join this training to learn how to set up session times, wait lists, and add completed classes to your employee transcripts.

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 4.06.42 PM

Session Six Focus:

Reporting and Analytics

The final training webinar reviewed how to use the Reports and Analytics Dashboard to track employee progress and send status reports to departments.

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