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An Inclusive Leadership Approach to Campus Issues


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Higher education leaders are increasingly seeing the need to adopt a broad and thoughtful approach to increasing diversity, ensuring equity, and creating an inclusive campus environment. Too often these efforts – while well intentioned – fall short because they lack intentional integration into all aspects of the campus community.


Download the White Paper to hear from four top Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leaders who share their best practices and tips for creating an effective DEI campus strategy, including how to:

  • Honor the foundational purpose of Title IX while elevating your core values and unique institutional culture
  • Balance creating an inclusive environment while protecting free speech and the expressive rights of all
  • Mitigate the risk of students experiencing racist acts and symbols while ensuring that responses are appropriate and inclusive
  • Build a campus culture of preparedness to encourage and support incident reporting that could potentially cause a crisis event



  • Yvette Goulatt, Vice Provost for Diversity & Engagement and Chief Outreach Officer, University of California System
  • Adeline Lee, Affiliate Fellow for the Future of Free Speech Project
  • Sheree Marlowe Ohen, Chief Officer for Diversity and Inclusion, Clark University
  • Catherine Spear, Associate Vice President, Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights, University of Virginia

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