“How to” Guide for Sexual Assault Climate Surveys

Download the "Climate Survey Guidebook", and receive:

  • Climate survey with 150 sample questions and responses.
  • Proposal templates for IRB processes.
  • Customizable email templates to invite students to participate.
  • Customizable consent and debrief templates for your survey.
  • Best practices for planning and implementing a climate survey.
  • About Vector Solutions (formerly Everfi's Campus Prevention Network) - Online Programs, Data & Advisory Services

Developed in collaboration with leading researchers and national prevention experts, Vector's campus-wide climate surveys help colleges and universities understand student attitudes, behaviors, and experiences of sexual assault, helping institutions implement better sexual assault prevention strategies and programs.

Review best practice recommendations, templates, and a comprehensive sample climate survey.

We developed this free resource in collaboration with leading researchers and national prevention experts, including several negotiated rulemakers who helped articulate new campus mandates laid out in the 2013 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

The comprehensive sample survey provided within this guidebook is based on a model template provided in the White House Task Force Report and has undergone extensive implementation at over 65 institutions nationwide.

Our mission in higher education is to drive lasting, large-scale change on critical wellness issues facing students, faculty, and staff.

We help institutions make a transformative impact on sexual assault, high-risk drinking, and financial education through evidence-based online programs, data, and advisory services.

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