New Perspectives on Fraternity and Sorority Life

20% of college students consider joining a social fraternity or sorority but ultimately decide not to pursue membership.

As the priorities and demographics of college students change, fraternities and sororities need to work to recruit and retain members in new ways. This challenge requires deep analysis, planning, and bold and innovative solutions. The North American Interfraternity Conference and Vector Solutions (formerly EVERFI's Campus Prevention Network) partnered to research what was driving these changes and how these trends could help impact strategic messaging, build membership, and address high-risk behaviors.
Download this research report and learn:

  • Why students who consider joining fraternities and sororities ultimately choose not to pledge
  • How fraternity and sorority members compare to unaffiliated students on the Five C's of Positive Youth Development: competence, confidence, connection, character, and caring 
  • How to leverage these findings to expand recruitment and retention efforts 

Meet the authors:

Brian Burkhard, PhD | Manager, Research & Evaluation
Kimberley Timpf | Senior Director, Impact & Education

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