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Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey Guide

Best Practices, Recommendations, and Templates

Significant federal efforts have been made to encourage colleges and universities to collect campus-specific data on sexual and relationship violence.

As part of the reauthorized Violence Against Women Act-passed into law in April 2022-colleges and universities that receive federal funding will soon be required to administer an online campus climate survey every two years on issues related to dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking.

This standardized survey-to be developed and shared by the Department of Education-will assess students’ attitudes, perceptions, and experiences related to these issues to provide an accurate sense of the scope and nature of their occurrence.

With a deeper understanding of these important issues, campus administrators can make significant improvements to programs and services to protect, educate, and support their students.

Download the guide to learn best practices and get campus communication templates:

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Proposal
  • Invitation Email
  • Consent Form
  • Debrief Form

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