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Strategies for Reducing Alcohol Risks Among Fraternity and Sorority Members

Understand fraternity and sorority high-risk alcohol use and how to mitigate its harm with Vector Solutions’ (formerly EVERFI’s Campus Prevention Network) prevention education research.

Learn the latest and most effective strategies to reduce alcohol risk and harms among fraternity and sorority members.

Fraternity and sorority letter organizations have been vibrant centers of student activity on American campuses for over a hundred years. However, chapters on many campuses are inexorably linked to the “culture of drinking,” with traditions and norms that perpetuate dangerous alcohol-related behaviors like sexual assault and hazing.  This free guide provides an overview of what works to address high-risk alcohol use among fraternity and sorority members.

Download our strategy guide, and learn:

  • An overview of the latest findings, research and perspectives.
  • How to address at-risk culture with educational programs and beyond.
  • Case studies from University of Rhode Island, Purdue University & more.
  • Recommendations to create a successful risk reduction program for Greeks.
  • Best practices to consider, and more.
  • About Vector Solutions – Online Programs, Data & Advisory Services

Our mission in higher education is to drive lasting, large-scale change on critical wellness issues facing students, faculty, and staff.

We help institutions make transformative impact on sexual assault, high-risk drinking, and financial education through evidence-based online programs, data, and advisory services.

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