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6 Strategies to Support Student Mental Health on Campus

College is an exciting time for students. It’s also a time of great transition which, for some, can lead to stress, anxiety, or depression. The college years are a time when many students experience their first signs of mental health problems.

Mental health issues can negatively impact students’ academic success and cause them to drop out. Therefore, it’s important that students have resources available to them and that staff and faculty are prepared to recognize if students’ mental well-being is suffering and understand how to help them.

In our recent webinar, “Understanding and Addressing Mental Health in College Student Populations” Dr. Sarah Ketchen Lipson, Principal Investigator of the Healthy Minds Network, discussed the state of college students’ mental health, and what colleges and universities can do to help both students and faculty address this critical issue. 

Download the guide to learn about: 

  • The State of Student Mental Health
  • Statistics Surrounding Student Mental Health
  • Stressors for Students
  • Strategies to Support Student Mental Health
  • Resources and More!

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