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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on Campus


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Campus Prevention Network National Insights Report

The data highlighted in this report reveal that students continue to commit and experience sexual- and gender-based harms on campus at unacceptable rates and that the most vulnerable students are reporting higher rates of victimization than their peers.

However, there is positive news to share as well, especially when it comes to skills related to consent, bystander intervention, and supporting peers. These positive gains are shared universally across student groups and should serve as an encouragement to students, parents, and community members that culture change is possible, and a reminder to campus leaders that investment in prevention is essential.

Download our new report, “The State of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence” to learn about:

  • Personal Experiences, Attitudes, and Behaviors
  • Data and Insights from Students
  • Students Demographics
  • Sexual Assault Prevention for Students


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