Exceptional Child – DO NOT USE

Exceptional Child – DO NOT USE

December 10 2020

The 3 C’s of Paraprofessional Services in the Virtual…

By Lisa Combs, MA, Special Education, Certified Autism Specialist We have all been faced with many challenges in the 2020 world of virtual interaction. One of the biggest faced by school support personnel is how to best support students with…

October 15 2020

ADHD in the Classroom

  October is ADHD Awareness Month. Perhaps you have a student (or several students) who has difficulty staying focused and paying attention. The student struggles to control their impulses or seems overly active. For many school staff members, disruptions and…

September 22 2020

Paraeducators: Behavior Management Basics

At some point paraeducators find themselves supporting students who need more than academic help. Paraeducators play an important role in supporting the development of well-adjusted and well-educated students who grow up to be productive, fulfilled adults. While we often associate…

August 19 2020

Transition Planning

Whether teaching and learning is happening in person, remotely, or a combination of both, supporting students through the transition planning process is still important. While COVID-19 will likely present challenges during this process, focusing on the key elements of transition…

July 15 2020

Principals and Special Education Law

Historically, students with disabilities weren’t allowed in schools. In fact, in most states, it was legal to prevent students who wouldn’t reach a mental age of third grade by the time they would graduate from attending school. Students with disabilities…

June 4 2020

Trauma Informed Practices and Strategies for School Staff

On-Demand Webinar with Dr. Tara Kfoury It is essential that educational personnel know the impact of adverse childhood experiences and trauma on school children. And it is urgent that educators are able to properly recognize symptoms and behaviors in school…