Operational Readiness

Operational Readiness

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January 12 2021

Vector Solutions Helps Businesses Stay Safe Amidst Protests and…

Safety Management and Communication Tools Available for Organizations to Create Plans to Keep Communities Safe Tampa, FL - January 12, 2021 - Vector Solutions, the leading provider of software solutions for learning, operational readiness, workforce management, and risk mitigation, is…

June 1 2020

Monitor, Track & Report New Casino Sanitation Requirements

As casinos prepare to reopen, there are a lot of considerations to be made. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep employees and guests safe. If you’re looking to simplify a sanitation schedule and checklists so employees and guests…

May 6 2020

Vector Evaluations+: The Complete Solution for Recording and Assessing…

Live skill demonstrations are essential to any department’s training program. Vector Evaluations+ is an all-new mobile application that allows public safety agencies to record, assess, and track live skill demonstrations. With an online library of pre-built skill sheets and customizable…

April 20 2020

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April 9 2020

5 Critical Building Maintenance Tasks to Keep Up With

Our society has changed dramatically over the past few years. Where once, most manufacturing and services were performed via manual labor, we now look to automated machines and robots, instructed by computers, to perform those often-boring, repetitive tasks. And, while…

March 31 2020

How New Asset Management Technology Simplifies Daily Checks and…

Fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies are built on a foundation of excellence, camaraderie and tradition. These are the types of organizations our society relies on to protect communities, ensure justice and uphold standards. However, just as the nature of…

January 10 2020

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance can be a major effort at a company, and maintenance costs can chew up a lot of dollars. And I’m probably telling you nothing new when I say that when maintenance isn’t done, and something breaks, the cost of…

September 10 2019

New Enhancements to Accredited EMT and Paramedic Training Courses

EMS professionals must always stay up-to-date in their continuing education to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to protect communities and save lives. TargetSolutions’ EMS training catalog includes more than 250 hours of accredited CE courses for EMTs and…

July 18 2019

VECTOR SOLUTIONS C.O.R.E.: Part 3 of 4 – Risk…

This is the third installment in our four-part series exploring C.O.R.E – Compliance and Certification, Operational Readiness, Risk Management, and Efficiency Improvement – as key factors driving optimized performance leveraging a total performance solution like Vector Solutions. (more…)