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Centralize All Your Academy Information

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The Only Purpose-Built Academy Automation Software for Law Enforcement

Acadis® Academy Automation

Centralize all your academy information in one place. Schedule, register, and manage your instructors, resources, and training operations.

Automatically Assign Resources

Rooms, equipment, and instructors don't schedule themselves. But when you create custom rules for your needs, scheduling can automatically assign resources-avoiding conflicts and saving time.

Housing Made Easy

Do your students need a place to stay? Track specific needs (such as accessibility), then assign students to buildings easily and efficiently.

Automate Student Registration

Publish scheduled classes, automate workflows, and maximize class and testing event fill rates. Each student's professional history and training data tracked in the system transfers automatically to the course roster, reducing effort and preventing errors.

Grade, Report and Analyze

Automate grading, reporting, and analysis-and continually refine the assessment process-so you can focus on leadership and growth.

Create Custom Surveys

Continually improve your training, courses, and other initiatives with this fully integrated survey builder module. Create, customize, and electronically distribute surveys-and store the results for thorough evaluation.

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Solution Overview:

The Only Purpose-Built Academy Automation Software for Law Enforcement

Learn how technology tools can save weeks of administrative time and modernize your academy operations for your basic and in-service training.

What Our Customers Say

"Before Acadis, we had no real ability to measure the success of our training program with any consistency."

Cadet Class Coordinator

Louisiana State Police

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"Word spread about how easy it was to go in and take this online training. The sheriffs and chiefs bought in that this was huge for their agencies."

Academy Instructor Developer

North Carolina Criminal Justice

View North Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Case Study >

Wichita Police

"The change to the field training program alone is tremendous. We were still trying to gather documents six to nine months after the academy class ended. But now we know exactly which supervisors have completed it and what's missing."

Wichita Police Chief (ret.)

Wichita Police Department

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Wichita Police

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