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The ROI of Consolidating Continuing Education for Architects and Engineers (Infographic)




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Architects and engineers must complete continuing education units (CEUs) annually to maintain their licenses. Many architecture and engineering firms may choose to reimburse their employees for this continuing education (CE) training…but the cost can add up. Continuing education for architects and for engineers requires roughly 12 – 15 training hours every year. And if each licensed professional in your employ pays for training individually, the cost of continuing education can be very high. This makes consolidating CE training with a single eLearning provider a great way to save your business money.

The Cost of Continuing Education for Architects and Engineers

The average cost of continuing education can vary depending on the state architects and engineers are licensed in as well as the additional certifications they have.

For instance, the average U.S. state requires 12 learning hours for architects and 15 hours for engineers every year. But not all states mandate this, and some require hours to be completed annually or every two years.

Certifications have additional requirements—not just for hours but for what the professional engineer or architect’s continuing education hours must focus on. The American Institute of Architects (AIA), for example, requires 18 CE hours every year whereas WELL AP requires 30 hours every two years.

If you’re wondering if this is worth investing in, just remember that states perform annual audits for compliance and 5 – 20 percent of individuals are audited every year.

How to Save Money on CE Training for Engineers and Architects

The secret to saving money on annual continuing education for architects and engineers is simple: consolidate. When you buy training content in bulk, the cost per user goes down drastically.

Not to mention, your organization likely already uses HR and professional development training (like anti-harassment education), which can also be bundled for additional savings.

To learn more about how much your organization can save with a provider like Vector Solutions, explore our infographic below:

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