Denver Public School Department of Safety Saves Time with Daily Observation Reports

Denver Public School Department of Safety Saves Time with Daily Observation Reports
Denver Public School Department of Safety

Denver Public School Department of Safety (DPS DOS) is responsible for creating a safe and secure environment for over 93,000 students and 15,000 staff members across 220 buildings in the Denver, Colorado area.

Prior to implementing Vector Evaluations+, DPS DOS was using a word processor document to record their daily observation reports, which they would manually upload to their TargetSolutions Learning Management System (LMS), available through Vector Solutions.

Sergeant Jason Klika, the DPS DOS Training Coordinator, said they were “dying for the evaluations tool”, which enables them to oversee their entire staff through the Vector Evaluations+ app. With this solution, daily observation reports can be submitted directly and connects to the LMS, so everything is centralized in one location without having to manually upload skill sheets.

In addition to Vector Solutions’ LMS and Vector Evaluations+, DPS DOS recently purchased TargetSolutions Check It. This app will help them simplify vehicle and equipment checks and manage inventory and work orders for tasks like vehicle maintenance. 

Learn more about how DPS Dept. of Safety is saving their team hundreds of administrative hours and improving transparency through better reporting with Vector Evaluations+.

About Denver Public Schools Department of Safety

Denver Public Schools Department of Safety (DPS DOS) is a unique Criminal Justice organization in Denver, Colorado. Comprised of 90 personnel on-premises at schools, an additional 30-armed staff and 17 patrol officers, they oversee more than 200 schools and 220 buildings.

Their organizational structure is also complex. DPS DOS is considered an educational state entity while being governed by an elected city school board and serving city-wide schools. Not surprisingly, their officers must manage multiple executive priorities and numerous compliance standards coming from different authorities. This sometimes means conflicting messages or additional requirements they must satisfy in their operations.

Managing Daily Observation Reports from Officers’ Phones

Already managing training through Vector Solutions’ LMS, known as TargetSolutions, Sergeant Jason Klika, Training Coordinator for DPS DOS, became interested in Vector Evaluations+ to facilitate his agency’s FTO program.

Before Vector Evaluations+, Klika explained his agency would upload Word documents into the LMS to track daily observation reports. Now, with this integrated system, training officers can fill out reports and record employee information from their own smart device. This digital documentation makes it even easier to monitor employee performance overtime and quickly identify any areas for improvement. 

“The ability to do it on our phones is huge. The fact that another training officer can look at a report and oversee progress, without making a call, is extremely useful,” he explained.

Working with Vector Solutions’ system experts, Klika was also able to set up Vector Evaluations+ to assist in ‘lock-down’ testing. One of DPS DOS’ regular duties is assessing a school’s preparedness for a campus lockdown with unscheduled drills and evaluations.

With Vector Evaluations+, the DPS DOS staff can more easily determine teachers’ abilities to follow protocol, observe student behavior, and determine if response improvements are needed. Staff can complete these checklists from their phones and submit reports into a centralized solution. 

Vector Solutions

“One-Stop-Shop” with Vector Solutions

In addition to Vector Evaluations+, Klika discussed how his agency uses the LMS to manage their training processes.

“Having everything be together has been amazing. It’s a one-stop-shop. You don’t have to go to 50 places to get to what you need,” Klika explained.

For the past five years, DPS DOS has used Vector Solutions’ LMS to deliver custom training content across their agency. Whether it be a policy, district-created sexual harassment training, or hands-on activity, DPS DOS can direct staff to a single location and track their progress for in-person and online training and policy acknowledgements. 

The Events application within the LMS is also highly utilized by Klika to schedule in-person training and pair exercises with training content. By creating events, DPS DOS can also track training that takes place outside of their agency and record hours for every member.

Additionally, Klika said that automated weekly reports help supervisors closely monitor staff’s training competencies. On top of weekly check-ins, the reporting tool allows his organization to look up an employee’s training history at any time.

This level of documentation has proven crucial in cases of an HR hearing or use of force incident. “We can pull reports on an individual’s training record and review if and when training requirements were met,” Klika said.

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