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New Law Enforcement Online Training: Ethical Decision Making and Interacting with Special Populations


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In the course of their duties, law enforcement officers interact with people with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Successfully communicating with and serving these populations requires officers to have the knowledge and training to handle sensitive situations with care, professionalism, and tact.

To support this need and best serve our law enforcement partners, Vector Solutions is excited to announce the release of four new law enforcement online training courses focused on interacting with special populations, ethical decision making, and sexual assault investigations.

Each course was created in partnership with subject matter experts and is designed to engage and educate participants through an interactive multimedia experience.

New Courses

Interactions with Individuals with Disabilities (1 Hour)

People with disabilities may move, behave, or speak differently from what first responders may expect. This can result in first responders assuming that the person is intoxicated or uncooperative instead of considering if they may have a disability. This interactive online course will provide you with effective methods of engaging with individuals who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities during emergency response situations.

Addressing various disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Down syndrome, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, this course offers insights into recognizing signs, understanding behaviors, and employing specialized approaches for these individuals. You will learn to navigate potential communication barriers, assess situations calmly, and tactically reposition yourself to ensure a non-threatening and appropriate response, enhancing your ability to serve the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities.

In this course, law enforcement officers will learn how to:

  • Navigate potential communication barriers
  • Tactically reposition yourself to ensure a non-threatening and appropriate response
  • How to enhance your ability to serve the diverse needs of individuals with

Sexual Assault Investigations (1 Hour)

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network reports that a sexual assault occurs in the United States every 68 seconds. In addition, it is reported that every 9 minutes, it involves a child, with only 25 out of every 1,000 perpetrators ending up in prison.

This interactive online course provides crucial insights for law enforcement officers dealing with sexual assault investigations, addressing the pressing need to prevent compromises in evidence, knowledge gaps, and inadequate report writing.

In this course, law enforcement officers will learn about:

  • The significance of conducting unbiased investigations
  • The importance of evidence preservation
  • The pivotal role of victim advocates
  • The role of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners
  • How to enhance your understanding and effectiveness in combating sexual assault and ensure justice for survivors

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder for First Responders (1 Hour)

In the US, it is estimated that 1 in 36 children have autism and 1 in 45 adults have autism. This interactive online course is designed to equip first responders with crucial insights into Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to facilitate safer and more effective interactions.

The course focuses on identifying ASD traits, understanding associated mental and physical issues that may coexist, and addressing potential difficulties in communication and behavior. It provides tools and approaches to navigate encounters with individuals with ASD in various public safety roles.

In this course, law enforcement officers will learn how to:

  • Recognize signs of ASD
  • How to approach situations calmly and tactically reposition yourself to ensure appropriate and non-threatening interactions
  • The History of ASD and current issues
  • How ASD impacts first responders

Ethical Decision Making for Law Enforcement (1 Hour)

This course explores the importance of ethics and ethical decision-making for law enforcement officers. It acknowledges the challenges officers face in navigating complex situations where the “right” decision may not always be clear. The course discusses the internal and external factors that motivate officers to behave ethically and emphasizes the significance of public perception and trust in law enforcement agencies.

Through the analysis of scenarios, case studies, and topics that influence ethical decision-making, participants will develop a deeper understanding of ethics in the context of law enforcement.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to define ethics, discuss decision-making models, analyze the impact of truthfulness in law enforcement, examine various ethical dilemmas, and explore other factors that shape ethical decision-making.

In this course, law enforcement officers will learn about:

  • Decision-making models
  • The impact of truthfulness in law enforcement
  • Various ethical dilemmas
  • Other factors that shape ethical decision making

To learn more about how Vector Solutions can support your law enforcement training needs, please visit our Law Enforcement Course Catalog or request a demo today.

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