EMS Training ‘Starter Kit’ Saves Your Agency Time and Effort

EMS Training ‘Starter Kit’ Saves Your Agency Time and Effort

Regardless of the size and scope of your EMS agency, simplifying your EMS training program with a pre-loaded credential created specifically to meet EMS compliance and recertification requirements is essential for ensuring your EMS personnel stay competent and your agency stays compliant.

Online Training Reports

Save your agency and its members time, energy, and stress with Vector Solution's EMS Training Tracker ‘Starter Kit’. Available through Vector's Learning Management System (LMS), the EMS Training Tracker credential is designed by industry experts to make your EMS training program more efficient and effective.

  • Cut down on time finding and assigning qualified CEUs with ready-made accredited courses created for EMS.
  • Stop manually sifting through paperwork or spreadsheets for proof of completions with all training in one centralized location.
  • Take the guesswork out of who has completed recertification training with reports and a user-friendly admin dashboard.
  • Avoid spending time and effort coordinating trainers and personnel schedules to complete certain classroom training sessions with any time, anywhere online learning.

Fulfill State and NREMT Requirements with a Ready-Made and Customizable Credential

With Vector's EMS Training Tracker, you can confidently deliver, track, and report on state compliance and NREMT recertification training requirements for maintaining EMS personnel licensure with both online and in-person training. The tracker's built-in CAPCE-accredited EMS online training courses provide interactive, video-based instruction for deeper comprehension of mission-critical concepts and valuable pre-learning for skills evaluations. This convenient credential comes ready-to-use with dozens of accredited CEUs broken into Pediatric Emergencies and General Requirements sections for both EMT Basic and Paramedic personnel.

You can also customize your EMS Training Tracker credential to fit your agency's unique needs by easily adding custom courses and activities or linking to third-party content you already use. Attach live skill competencies with the Evaluations+ app to create a total blended learning experience geared to serve the fast-paced environment of emergency services.

Web-Based EMS Training Tracker Reduces Liability Exposure

Comprehensive tracking and reporting reduces liability exposure for your agency and its members and prevents individuals from "falling through the cracks" with alerts for expiring credentials and a user-friendly platform to easily track progress. Personnel can access their training from any web-enabled device and complete courses at their own pace or pick up where they left off if pulled away on a call.

Use advanced settings to further customize your training management capabilities through credential options, including setting up auto-renewals based on the credential expiration date and designating a grace period for users to receive credit for completions after the expiration date.

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