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Answering Fire Services Top 5 LMS Purchasing Questions


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Online Training Fire Services

If you’re considering purchasing Vector Solutions’ Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver, track, and report on all of your department’s mission-critical and required training, you probably have questions.

Keep reading to see the top five questions fire departments ask during the purchasing process. We hope these common considerations help in your decision to purchase Vector LMS, the fire services industry’s leading training management platform.

1. How Will Vector LMS Fit into My Department’s Budget?

Course packages from the comprehensive, industry-specific library can be tailored to fit your agency’s needs. While some organizations may only need safety training or firefighter training courses, some may require personnel to track EMS continuing education. Vector Solutions understands budgetary cycles and will work with your agency’s decision-makers to plan a cost-effective and efficient implementation. If there is one thing Vector Solutions consistently hears from customers, it’s that the platform easily pays for itself in overall cost savings.

2. Are Vector LMS’s Fire and EMS CEs Courses Accredited?

Vector Solutions is dedicated to regularly updating its online training content to stay ahead of each state’s mandated requirements. Vector LMS offers 450+ hours of firefighter continuing education courses. Satisfy ISO requirements with ease with the in-system ISO Training Tracker. Utilize the robust catalog of NFPA firefighter training, including NFPA 1001, 1021, 1410, and 1500 series. These courses are written to the NFPA’s codes and standards. Your department can also easily meet your state’s EMS continuing education requirements with 250+ hours of CAPCE accredited online EMS courses.

3. Is It Possible to Share Information with Neighboring Agencies?

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When multiple departments are out on a call, firefighters need to work together effectively. In addition to having your own department’s Vector LMS training platform, information and resources can be shared through the Vector LMS Enterprise solution.

Agencies can easily share SOPs/SOGs, policies, compliance regulations, training resources, upcoming mutual training events, and more. This system allows departments to train firefighters cohesively while maintaining autonomy to assign and track your own department’s personnel.

4. Do Users Need to Manage IT Systems to Use Vector LMS?

Vector LMS is a cloud-based service that does not require users to install additional software to run the system. Certain system requirements will ensure learners can successfully access their courses. Vector LMS is compatible with most modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is recommended that individuals use Mozilla Firefox v67+, have audio capabilities and a 1.5 Mbps bandwidth.

5. Are Vector LMS Firefighter Training Courses Customizable?

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While Vector LMS is compatible with other systems, its customizable Activities Builder provides organizations the ability to deliver their own training content.

Departments can use the Activities Builder feature to create task books, upload resources, and link to resources, for different training purposes. Agencies can also attach custom policies and add comprehension quiz questions to Vector LMS’s pre-built online training courses or deliver custom SCORM course content.

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